Illidan annihilates Maiev

Creatures at 110 now scale with item level.

Discovered this while updating my undocumented changes thread and thought it required a thread of its own as this is a HUGE change.Now that the world scales with item level at 110, you'll lose all sense of power progression as you gain gear, and is something that players were against when the scaling system for Legion was announced.How I found it: I posted that mobs had a 20% health increase. /u/HugCollector posted saying he saw different health values. I then spoke with 3 friends who have vastly different item levels and they all reported different health values.

Patch 7.2 Undocumented Changes

Most NotableWorld quests now display a yellow border if they are relevant to an active Emissary quest.PvP flag is now cleared immediately when hopping from a PvP realm to a PvE realm.Order Hall advancement 1 through 6 have had their research time and resource cost significantly reduced.Emissary quests no longer count toward your 25 quest log total.Followers now have a third equipment slot.Creatures at level 110, including rare and elite creatures, have had their health and damage increased by roughly 20%.Creatures at level 110 now scale with item level.GeneralThe player's head will now turn to look at their target.Character restoration lockout period changed to 15 days (down from 30).Custom lag tolerance is now enabled by default.ItemsItems obtained from a Bonus roll now display the following in their tooltip: "Items won from bonus roll may not be traded."Unequipped legendary items, such as that Sephuz in your bank, no longer count toward total item level.Curious Coins have new art.Seal of Broken Fate has new art."Bind to Account" has been renamed to "Bind to Blizzard Account".Reputation tokens for Broken Isles factions now have a sell price and can only be used up to exalted status.The following can now only be used up to item level 850 for Champions: Heavy Armor Set, Fortified Armor Set, Indestructible Armor Set[Enchant Weapon - Glorious Tyranny] / [Enchanter's Illusion - Glorious Tyranny]: Appearance has been modified to improve system performanceFighter Chow now increases health regeneration by 400%, down from 1000%.NPCsArator the Redeemer, a paladin follower, now correctly rides the human styled Charger.Vanessa VanCleef, a rogue follower, now rides a standard human horse rather than the riding turtle mount.Rehgar Earthfury, a shaman follower, now uses ghost wolf when the player is using it.Broll Bearmantle, a druid follower, now uses bear form in combat, and travel form out of combat.Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix now has a unique model.The Great Akazamzarak in Dalaran now has a quiet option.Creatures at level 110, including rare and elite creatures, have had their health and damage increased by roughly 20%.Creatures at level 110 now scale with item level.QuestsEmissary quests no longer count toward your 25 quest log total.Barrels o' Fun: Players are no longer able to use mouseover macros for the barrels.World quests now display a yellow border if they are relevant to an active Emissary quest.Raid world quests are now denoted by a green portal icon (previously shared blue portal icon for dungeons).World quests that are being tracked now display a yellow check mark on the map.Soul Prism of the Illidari: Now requires 40 Lingering Soul Fragments, down from 80. Cap increased to 20 (was 10)Order HallOrder Hall advancement 1 through 6 have had their research time and resource cost significantly reduced.Followers now have a third upgrade quality: TitledFollowers now have a third equipment slot.Player vs. PlayerPvP flag is now cleared immediately when hopping from a PvP realm to a PvE realm.User InterfaceVendor prices are now greyed out if there are insufficient funds.Item quality is now shown for listed vendor items (previously displayed golden colour regardless of quality).Bug FixesWeapons now properly scale for female blood elves. Weapon scaling for goblins, female humans and male and female tauren have also been adjusted.The texture for Chestplate of the Chosen Dead has been corrected.Tidied up a bit - I'll continue to update this as more are found.

Servers are up

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Wow Companion App updated to be able to contribute resources to Legionfall building construction and other features.

This change to old set tokens is under appreciated

Per the official notes: "Set tokens for all raids from Serpentshrine to Siege of Orgrimmar have been updated to provide loot for your spec on right-click, in the same manner as newer raid set tokens. The vendor functionality of these items has not been changed."I have quite a few tokens in my banks because I'm too lazy to hunt down the right vendor, so this will be super helpful when running old content.

Picture of ozumat at throne of the tides

Reminder: Maintenance is 8hrs Today

From 6am to 2pm PDT.edit: theyre back up

I believe Dalaran is going to be destroyed... in 7.2.5

I'm calling it right now. The way Kil'jaeden was eyeing up that hologram of Dalaran in the 7.2 trailer is eerily similar to how Archimonde did with his Dalaran sandcastle before destroying the city in Warcraft 3. Dalaran will be destroyed by the Legion with the release of the Tomb of Sargeras raid, and we will move our base of operations to the newly liberated Suramar City as we regroup and launch our final assault upon the Legion's invasion force before taking the fight to Argus. Someone set a !remindme for June 13.

Apparently, Tim Duncan and others NBA players were in a guild and played until 4 am every night. came out in the Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson podcast.

Call to Arms: needs your help!

Hey folks,It's been awhile since I've shilled my site to you all, but with 7.2 on the horizon and me not actively playing the game anymore I need YOU to help me disseminate CORRECT mythic plus information to this wonderful playerbase.What does that all entail, you ask?I need:Weekly US affixes so I can build out the new scheduleWeekly EU affixes for the same reason.Dungeon timers for Upper Kara, Lower Kara and Cathedral of Eternal Night.New routesWritten, recorded, whatever. If you have a route guide you're proud of I will post it.Your difficulty feedback for the new affixes, submitted hereDungeon scaling and difficulty changes.You can reach out to me with any of this information here, via discord (domain#2722) or via the github. Just keep me in mind when you're doing all the new content!Thanks for the gold!

Legion Legendaries are fun, rewarding, and exciting! :D

WarcraftDevs on Twitter No ap in chest this week..

Curse Premium being sunset today, premium features being given to everyone for free

For a second there I thought a huge train was going through Dalaran City..

When Blizzard really doesn't want you to get that Leystone seam

Nomi, we have to talk. I literally have more legendaries than rank 3 cooking recipes. This is ridiculous.

Blizzard y u do dis.

Learn these to best prepare for the 7.2 AP grind.

Frostbringer - Ashbringer Hidden Artifact Appearance [Fan Art]

I drew my druid from a decade ago & present day

My friend and I just got to Northrend tonight. It still blows me away.

Gul'danny Devito

The Nostalgia Dwarf

My dad found my old Warcraft discs while cleaning out the house and made this for me as a surprise

It's been a few years since I've played, but I'm pretty sure this isn't how bows work...

Sylvanas Windrunner by Wang Movmo

7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras Patch Notes

Why can't Blacksmiths repair gear? You'd think with all the things we can craft we could repair something.

Or at least place something that can repair..

Can we just talk about how Skittish is just a completely awful affix?

I know not everyone is going to agree with me, and that's fine, but after this week I have decided that, as a tank, Skittish is by far my least favorite affix. It's not fun for anyone in any respect.I don't enjoy it as a tank because it makes me feel like I'm shit at my one and only job. I'll be tanking three or four mobs and see all their nameplates turn red and just wonder what the fuck I'm even supposed to do at that point? I have one taunt. That's it. I can slow them, I can pull them in with Sigil of Chains, but that doesn't stop them from spinning around and 2 shotting some poor melee.Speaking of which, it's a fucking awful affix for melee. Blizz got rid of Overflowing because it was both trivial for one class (druid) but also excluded another (paladin.) So how about Skittish where it essentially excludes an entire class of DPS? Is that not a problem? It is within the best interest of every M+ group this week to not bring a Melee DPS class at all. If they do not hold back by a highly significant degree, they will die. And how is forcing DPS to hold back fun in any way? Melee DPS has to basically not do anything to a full 10 seconds, while ranged can go ham pretty quickly.And then the poor healers feel like shit because they see DPS getting fucked up left and right because some mob will turn and decide it's their time to die. There's very little a healer can do at that point.Yes, I know that affixes are supposed to be a challenge. But Skittish is something else. It doesn't add real challenges, it just causes frustration and a lowering of self-esteem. They are nerfing it some tomorrow, but I truly think they should just remove it entirely. Please and thank you.

On my rogue I have the Left Warglaive, and my friend on his rogue, has the right. We run BT every week together and started a tradition to look more like Illidan in an attempt to please him so he'll drop the glaives for us. Behold! The two halves make one! (Geeze this is a long title.)

Another month, another post begging for removing the rep restrictions on transmog.

Just did my first long range trip in this game, bloody hell it is everything I've dreamed

I just went from the Eastern Plaguelands to Tanaris.I wanted to quest around Gadgetzan and Un'Goro thanks to Hearthstone, but the hitch was that I was in the Plaguelands, on the other side of the world.It was a fucking aventure, I flew to Stormwind, took the Deeprun Tram waving furiously to another guy on the other cart, basically ran a victory lap around Dun Morogh until I finally found my way into the Wetlands, took the boat to Theramore and swam all the way to Gadgetzan.This is what I always thought, and wanted, of this game. And now I'll see the DINOSAURS just over the hills! I'm so fucking stoked man.Oh and Running Wild is literally the coolest thing, but my mum got in the room and asked why I was skipping around

You joined the wrong raid group...

This has got to be the best thing to ever happen to me during Legion

Demon hunter Jay & Silent moonkin

Gotta go fast - DLC - 577

A Last Minute Preparation and Tips Guide to 7.2. and what to do during this patch.

There are plenty of resources online that cover what 7.2. will cover, though some are scattered. This post will attempt to consolidate as much of that information and resource, collect tips from the community, and note thoughts not mentioned else where.Disclaimer: Not all information will be fully accurate or up to date as there might be unforeseen changes from PTR to Live. While 90% of the advice should be consistent with what actually happens, be on the lookout for changes.Favour: On 7.2. launch a lot of information will be both overt and hidden. If you find something no one else has, speak up. Post on Reddit, Wowhead, streams, anything. Post videos. Discuss. Share. Don't keep things to yourself. This ain't Mythic raiding.You have my full permission to take info from this into your own guides and content discussions.The main 7.2. launch activities1) Assault on the Broken Shore - Setting Up your Base and Unlocking 7.2 Hub.It's a introductory scenario to assault and setup your Legionfall base (takes around 30 minutes). The Broken Shore zone is unlocked with the World Quests, Legionfall Buildings and basically everything to do with 7.2 along with the new quest linesThere are several quest lines that you can choose to do in whatever order like Unlocking Empowered Traits, Unlocking Artifact Knowledge and other support quest lines.2) Unlocking AK 26 - Seeking Lost KnowledgeThis is by far the most important thing you need to do as soon as possible across all your characters.Completing this quest line unlocks AK 26 immediately (quest reward) and the ability to queue up AK 27 (takes 2 days) and AK 28 (takes 3 days - AK 29 onward take 5 days).I would recommend doing (2) as soon as possible, at the very least on the first day. I would further recommend if you have alts you wish to keep competitive, complete the scenario on your main, do the quest line, queue up research THEN switch to your alts and complete the scenarios and research on them and continue on until you are done across your characters, and then you can continue on your business with your main and complete other 7.2 main content. Your main characters and alts will thank you by letting you have Research notes on the earliest day and right before raid times (if you decide to do it in the morning or afternoons or early evenings).There's a good reason for this; AK 26 is 100,000% increase compared to AK 25's 25,000%. If you are below AK 25, there are numerous catchups in place, from speedy research times to literally buying up research from your Order Hall researcher at 500 OR per pop to get to AK 25. Store resources beforehand (either via World Questing or just Blood of Sargeras at 200 OR per Blood).2) Unlocking your Empowered TraitsThis can be completed a bit later since you won't lose any AP though still important. It's a decently long quest line that will refund AP past 35 and unlocked your new Empowered Traits, immediately unlocking new power. I don't want to spoil too much but they are entertaining quests with flavor for each role in the game, differing for DPS, healers and tanks.3) Legionfall BuildingsThe Legionfall buildings are a server wide (both factions) building buff. You have three of them - the Mage Tower, the Command Center and the Nether Disruptor. You can read more about them here. For the most part, the best advice is to flood your Legionfall War Supplies into whichever building is 'winning'. Each building once finished and constructed will be up for 3 days and you can get your buffs from there (make sure you talk to Commander Chambers for your buff!).According to this thread, the Mage Tower seems to be the most popular one due to the hype of the new skins, and it is pretty useful overall because it gives you teleportation, it gives you a chance to get a Legionfall Rep bonus ('Reputable') and other knickknacks. By far the most useful IMO for more hardcore raiders is Nether Disruptor which has a buff where if you use a Bonus Roll coin ('Fate Smiles upon You'), you can then have a chance for a refund if you didn't get loot in addition to more support to get Nethershards.4) Broken Shore Pathfinder Part 2 and FlyingYou will need to complete Broken Shore Pathfinder Part 1 - check from to check your progress. Most of the achievement revolves around reputation and completing the main quest lines. For reputation, don't grind yourself to a pulp to rush this since 7.2. will catch you up by just having more World Quests and Legion Assaults - which will help you get more reputation quicker. For Part 2, the gate is basically Legionfall Armies reputation to Revered - this will take a couple of weeks to get, so make sure you continue to do World Quests on the Broken Shore and use the upcoming Darkmoon Faire on April 2nd to help the rep, in addition to the Mage Tower's 'Reputable' buff if you are lucky enough to get it.5) NethershardsNethershards are going to be the new currency. If you were farming pre-Legion invasion events for XP, you'll have Nethershard currencies available which you can use here. Here's a list of things you can buy. For the most part the things are more support rather than obligatory. I would recommend getting things like the Toy Flask - Repurposed Fel Focuser for 7500 (gives +500 to main stat for one hour - 15 minute cooldown - useful in farm content) and if you want to get into the BoE business or make a powerful BoE legendary for your alt - Nethershard Essence for 8000.Here's the other slight use for Nethershards for both new players gearing up and veterans - Dauntless Tokens and Relinquished Tokens. Dauntless for 400 gives you a rare gear item (which can warforge and titan forge like any other gear piece) while Relinquished for 5000 gives you an epic gear item and a small chance to get a legendary.Relinquished Tokens give a way to 'target' a legendary that you wish by targeting a slot. HOWEVER Blizzard have said this is far more as a 'desperate' solution for people. For the extreme hardcore they don't need this at all because they already have 10-15 legendaries and would rather just RNG. HOWEVER if you have fewer legendaries and really do need a specific one, try farming a bunch of Nethershards, maybe enough for 10 tokens and try it. Remember these Tokens will add to your Bad Luck protection and the chance will be smaller than say a raid boss kill. If you are savvy you can 'track' yourself (remember your third legendary onwards drops at the same % as say your eighth), if you haven't already, and see legendaries dropping at a regular rate (I do all raids, LFR, Normal, Heroic, and a little Mythic NH but not much - mix in like 5 Mythic+s per week - and I see them drop around 3.5 weeks - MY personal experience, your mileage may vary) and get the 'feeling' that a legendary is close and start farming and getting these tokens. (During this time be careful with your loot specialization and what not)For farming Nethershards for this purpose and others, the Sentinax Ships and beacons will be key, which you can read here. Join up in a mass Sentinax Nethershard raid and start getting them.7.2.5 and Tomb of Sargeras Speculated DatesBased on dates and the '11 week' questline, along with rumours from several sources AND timings with competitor MMOs, Tomb of Sargeras is slated for June 20th and similarly 7.2.5 will come on June 13th. 7.2.5 will be the balance patch for Tomb of Sargeras and will significantly shake up classes like 7.1.5. For emphasis, this is a speculated date, but a pretty decently educated guess.AP and AK analysisThanks to Zagam from US-Mal'ganis we have an AP schedule and AK schedule here: post: can use this as a base to help start your calculations and chart out progress. Use the PTR artifact calculator on wowhead OR alternatively use the data in this other post for your own projections.For Hardcore Mythic raiders I did some back of envelope calculations trying to figure out how traits might follow as we grind along. The result was that it was quite possible to get to 52 traits (and if AK schedule holds) on one of your weapons, maybe even two if you worked at it. If that is the case and Tomb is speculated for June 20th, then like Nighthold's tail end, Mythic Tomb's tail end might just be tuned around 52 traits.The calculations used the assumption of a Mythic raid boss kill per day - note that you will likely get FAR more artifact power than this (since you'll be clearing a ton more raids and Mythic+ing, Mythic+ weekly cache mega tokens etc.) even as someone that doesn't grind all that much with all the new AP sources and the new AP tokens and without even stepping foot in a Mythic raid (doing your all of your Heroics and Normals, Mythic+s, WQs etc.).Theme of 7.2 - Catchup and RerollSimply put, 7.2 is a breather. There is new content but there is no new raid. There are no new legendaries to roll into (craftables don't count) and 7.2.5 will shake up classes quite a bit. Use this time to relax and enjoy the new content, develop some alts, work towards your remaining legendaries and some other goals while you work on finishing up Nighthold. I would especially recommend making alts - now's a good time as any, there are plenty of catchups with gear now and with Artifact power AND it would pre-prep you for 7.2.5's changes. If you find your main uninteresting, change things up and see with another class or spec. You can use several way to help get legendaries quicker (there are now more sources of legendaries - Paragon Emissary Caches and Relinquished Gear via Nethershard vendors are some new examples), Heroic NH should be much easier since you immediately get a 10% boost in power at 36 to gear up extremely quickly.Now's a good time as ever to play Legion and reroll and respec.Other Tips:1) Emissary Quests - Save Them: From now till release (for NA - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - and today's Sunday) SAVE your World Quests and Emissary Caches. These will not reset with 7.2. and you can benefit from them and open up with new AP tokens AND new AK research, at the very least AK 26. If you are savvy, you can complete non-AP world quests now to have them ready to turn in immediately upon getting AK 26.2) Mythic+ Cache in 7.2 - Open it Later: Open your Mythic+ cache later instead of immediately. At the very least complete the Broken Shore scenario and get AK 26. If you can wait a while longer for AK 27 (2 days) and AK 28 (3 days - AK 29 onwards takes 5 days as normal), it gives you a massive boon in AP tokens. Remember you don't just get small AP tokens but big ones too - these weekly caches are designed to be one of your biggest sources of AP in 7.2.3) Mythic+ activity now: Since you would get 905+ loot with +10 which is much easier now, get your main and your alts to do them! Mythic+ Weekly Cache for this week will only give you loot maxed out at 905 at the +10 mark. I would also recommend people who still don't have Keystone Master (+15 on time) to do it now - because PUGs will constantly be asking for it throughout 7.2 where Mythic+ content once again will be much harder, including getting to 15+.4) One Broken Shore flightpoint - Illidari Camp, Broken Shore: This flight point can be unlocked RIGHT NOW (and it is a requirement anyways for a 7.2 quest and takes like 2 minutes) - float down from Dalaran, talk to the NPC and profit. You probably already have this flightpoint if you did Kosumoth but check anyways.5) The Pet Battle Dungeons and Bonus Event: The Pet Battle Dungeon will launch with 7.2. and if the WoW in-game calendar is to be trusted, will ALSO coincide with the Pet Battle Bonus event. You can level up AND do the dungeon during this week. Catch the pets that you want beforehand! Here's a guide by Asmongold to the Pet Battle Dungeon. Useful pets include Zandalari Anklerender and Anubisath Idol.6) Darkmoon Faire on April 2nd: The Faire will launch on the weekend of 7.2. launch. Use this opportunity to grab some Darkmoon Hats or ride the Carousel, get a 10% rep bonus (either by using Darkmoon Top Hats or by riding the Darkmoon Carousel) and go about your day.7) Reputation Grinding and Catchups: If you are afraid of not having enough rep for Pathfinder, don't strain yourself grinding now. The new World Quests, the Legion Assaults etc. all these give you more rep and more chances to get more rep. These will help catch you up to Revered and Exalted pretty quickly across your factions. Enjoy 7.2.8) Economy and Market Movements: For the most part, most items should fall in price because of flying that makes gathering much easier in turn reducing prices. However you need to intimately understand the market, economy and how to make gold. Study /r/woweconomy closely and discuss 7.2. in their main thread. and look at Sheryah's vid.9) Addons and Them Breaking: Make sure you save ALL your addon settings going into 7.2 (manually - just save your WTF folder and Inferface folder somewhere else in your WoW installation folder). With 7.2. a lot of addons may start breaking. As a precaution do save your settings beforehand, even screenshotting your UI in case things go haywire. Addon makers will attempt to update their addons as soon as possible but save yourself hassle by backing up your settings.10) Order Resources and Class Hall Research: Being able to research the next two trees in your Order Hall is a decent boon. The first (choice between 'Shock Troops' - super troops that give you extra success over regular troops VS an extra space for another champion bringing your total to 7 - the champion is the better choice since a well geared one can give you over 100% or more success though requires more time investment). It costs 10,000 Order Resources. The next, Tier 8, gives a chance to get double AP from World Quests, costing 15,000 Order Resources. Both Tier 7 and Tier 8 in total cost 25,000 Resources. You can stockpile from earlier, but don't need to bend over backwards to get these - the new World Quests should help you greatly increase your Order Resource stockpile, in addition to your new champions with proper gear.11) Champions and Gearing: With the latter half of the Class Hall Campaign in 7.2. your slots will increase from 5 to 6. Keep doing your Champion Armament for more gear (sorry to classes that don't have it). You will get another gear slot, since you can upgrade your champions from Epic to Legendary. Note gear tokens from 7.1.5 will only work till ilvl 850 for your champions. You will need the new ones to push beyond 850 to the new ilvl 900 for your champs. Note with more champions and with the Order Research you can also have one champion be near exclusively your bodyguard and gear him out as such. For optimizing your Champions, look at this outdated guide. While outdated, the methodology is sound and you should use it or wait for another person to work it out (essentially optimize to do 2-3 missions per day and 200% all of them). In the meantime you can look up the new 7.2. champions and look at a general champion guide here. Try running Karazhan for Moroes (quest item drop from Moroes Boss) OR do Brawler's Guild and get Meatball for an uber follower (takes 5 minutes to start off the mission chain).12) Don't Bother Hoarding: You can't hoard AP tokens from 7.1.5 so use them now. You can't hoard reputation tokens to use in 7.2. for Paragon reputation chests, save them for your alts. You can't hoard Gear tokens for your champions they will only work to 850. Earn and enjoy all the fresh stuff you can get in 7.2.13) Flying and Exploring: Please do explore the Broken Isles thoroughly with Flying. I'm sure there are hidden knickknacks you could never uncover before without flying. Also try testing out Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket.14) Crafting Skill for Craftable Legendaries: If your crafting skill is lacking, get it up (you can't craft legendaries from Skill Level 1)! There are several ways to raise skill, use this guide to help you out (it can be a bit outdated but do your research and it should point you in the right track - for the most part use Draenor recipes to get from 1-700 and then 700 onwards using Legion. The Darkmoon Faire is also coming up for an extra +5 skill up. In addition 7.2 World Quest professions ALSO give you a skill up.15) Obliterum Forge for Free: Don't bother unlocking it via getting bracers. You'll unlock it for free without any of the bracers with 7.2.16) Get Heroic Nighthold on farm: The 36th trait in 7.2. gives you 10% more power - more than enough to conquer Heroic Nighthold easily. Get it on farm, start progressing towards Mythic. If you were worried about being too weak before, 7.2. will definitely put you over the top on the damage, HP and healing requirements of Heroic NH at the 36th trait.17) Last Minute AP: If you still have a little content left and some AP in 7.1.5, check out this guide about converting 7.1.5 traits to 7.2. Don't kill yourself grinding now, there's little point. See if you are near a trait breakpoint and maybe figure out how easy it is to get and make a day of it? TLDR; 35 for the quest, 36 for 1 trait, 41 for 2, 46 for 3, 51 for 4 and 54 for 4.75 or 39.75 traits.18) Cathedral of Eternal Night: New dungeon that will also become a Mythic+ dungeon. It's interesting dungeon, with a similar length to Neltharion's Lair. Fatbosstv has a good guide on this dungeon which you can see.19) Make Alts!: Can't recommend this enough! Take the time right now to make alts. They help you out in casual and hardcore content, from helping to make gold and giving you more chances to farm out mounts and what not, to giving you more ways to play.There are plenty other updates, both discussed and hidden which I didn't touch upon, like Transmog updates and achievements, Archaeology etc. Check the links below for anything I didn't touch. Nearly every aspect of WoW from professions to end game was changed with 7.2.Linkies7.2 Official Patch Notes (as recorded by Wowhead before live): Blizzard's 7.2. Survival Guide: Wowhead 7.2 Overall Guide (recommended): Wowhead 7.2. Preparation Guide: All Class and Artifact Changes - Wowhead: Optimizing 7.2. Launch Day - MadSeasonShow: Economy for 7.2. - Sheryah: WoW Economy Subreddit - 7.2 Discussion Thread: Bellular - 7.2 preparation guide: Bellular - 7.2. content guide: Words: Share as much as you can and share tips with other Redditors. If I got something wrong, please do help correct me and help me improve this and future guides by other people. Thanks.

That moment when you're about to fap and this guy is there...

If demons are possible to be permanently killed on Argus, warlocks are gonna have a bad time in 7.3

We're gonna run out of pets pretty quickly...Technically, Demon Hunters would be even more screwed, but that could be explained the same way as other players ress, plus Mardum and Dreadscar Rift are already in Twisting Nether, but it's something to think about lore-wise anyway.

So this just happened in Org

I spent ~11 hours plugging heroic Guldan only to have the last group wipe at 9% and then disband

Somebody hold me

Champion Faceroll

The was the most fun I've had in WoW in a while.

I found some dude in Stormwind asking people to come invade the horde cities with him, I joined him and pretty soon we had 40 people. The next four hours were spent flying all across Azeroth and fucking up the four major horde cities, we killed every major faction leader and spent at least half an hour in the main district of Orgrimmar killing horde players, until they finally grouped up and and absolutely demolished us.I didn't gain anything by doing this but man, was it fun.

Big Announcement! Warcraft Tales: Play WoW - Revoiced, Redesigned, Reimagined

I like to imagine a few of my characters go on adventures together, so I use WoW Model Viewer, and Google Images to make these for fun.

Illidan Stormrage and the Tomb of Sargeras - coming soon to a 7.2 near you (Indiana Jones style poster)

A World of warcraft art by an artist in deviantart

My core hound bugged out and he won't go smaller

Best loading screen in WoW

7.2 Artifact Power Schedule

Let's take a moment to pay our respects to the true victim of war - this woman who has not been allowed to take a dump for 10 years now.