Only non-hunters will understand

The undead axe midget has received an official name from Blizzard

My Archmage Khadgar cosplay at NOVA Con last weekend

Hearthstone game director's rap on the story of Arthas

A well timed shot

When someone likes your horn.

Engineers are comfortably the laziest players

Is that a dwarf riding a moose riding a gnome riding a rocket!?

Realistic advertising

Leveling up champions is boring, slow, and not satisfying

I just recently got Meatball on my main and seeing him start at ilvl 700ish and was really painful when everybody else I have is 900 and purple. It took me the longest time to get him up to max ilvl, and then way longer to get him purple, while the entire time hoping for good RNG to gear him out.In the end, I had to make him do every short mission I could get for the higher turnaround time for exp, while at the same time trying to time his missions to end around the times that I would be playing, so that I could make him a body guard and take him with me on world quests to get him exp faster.While he was leveling up, I had to prioritize every single mission that rewarded armor tokens to get his ilvl up. I didn't/couldn't even consider doing AP/rep quests until there were no more armor tokens on the board.Now that he's max level and purple, I'm having trouble gearing him up. My last legendary equipment I got were the "reward AP/gold with world quests" which might have been nice when AP was really worth anything, but now I need so much AP that I don't bother using my tokens until I run out of bag space because the little bits and pieces don't do anything for me. I have the class hall talent that lets me spend OR for equipment but I have yet to truly see it give me anything useful: just a bunch of "reduce time by 5%" tokens or the GREEN equipment that gives you bonuses when using minions. GREEN. All my champions by now have blue/purple armor but this useless order hall talent still gives me GREEN equipment.So that's my main. I just got an alt to 110 as well some weeks back and have been trying to bring all his champions to 110 and max level as well. The thing is, they gain xp so slowly that I still have guys that are sub 110 because I haven't been able to swap them into active roles yet. Meanwhile, I'm blowing through every single armor ilvl token and I still need more because they aren't so common. On this alt I also have the talent that lets me spend OR on equipment and from what I can tell it's the same story: I get a lot of useless green equipment (get 25 gold, get 50 OR, reduce duration by 5%…) but very very rarely do I see anything actually useful.

Angrathar the Wrathgate


I think WoW might have a pretty big impact on lifes unanswered questions.

I returned from being AFK in Dalaran only to discover i had been stoned.

I feel like WoW should embrace the "world" aspect more, instead of linear, "epic" storylines

Like I assume a lot of people here, I have a lot of fond memories of WoW when it first came out. My first character -- both in beta and on live -- was a Human Paladin, and I loved everything about their starting experience, up through Darkshire.Nothing about it was "grand" or "epic", but it was completely immersive. You weren't some Champion of Azeroth fighting Gods to save the world; you were just some guy, saving people from bandits.I remember -- vividly -- how excited I was the first time I encountered an Orc. I couldn't believe how much larger they were than humans (he was lvl 21, Orc Warrior I believe, also rocking the first "long cape" I'd seen in the game, just outside Eastvale Logging Camp).I know Blizzard loves those big "epic" moments -- and really, I think we all do -- when they are appropriate.Wrathgate was one such moment. Even though I think phasing is generally bad for the game, there was a ton of build-up to that point, and it really paid off. The follow-up of travelling into the Undercity... well, it was fun for the first time, but I think was more an example of where things started to go wrong.With the advent of level-scaling, I'd kind of like to see things reined-in a little more. Give us those smaller, more personal stories. Make traveling outside the city seem imposing again. Make exploring fun and rewarding, but also incredibly dangerous.I think the "World Quests" of Legion are a massive step in the right direction. While the same objectives have certainly gotten stale -- particularly since they're not that rewarding after a certain point -- I think it's a system that could be expanded upon in a big, big way.But hey, that's just my two cents.

There may be no achievement for it yet but I still feel accomplished!

[Wow_irl] After my baby girl was born....

Tabards shouldnt be cropped by waistpieces anymore, just like it was in WoD

if they made a World of Warcraft 2, where the game was updated in every way to 2017 standards, but you had to start from scratch, would you switch over ?

The plot lines would continue from WoW, but we'd all be starting off with new accounts, with nothing from our old accounts in any way.

The real MVP of Stormheim.

Because it's cute. and punny. and cute.

Finally, Google realizes what I really care about

It would be nice if the LFG advertisement we report would actually go away right away like with the trade chat. But right now there's no way of hiding them.

So I got stuck in cast animation, but it turned out better than expected

I bet the Alliance was a bit salty after this.

Based on my raiding experience in Tomb of Sargeras

Frostmourne ... hungers

The Legion wont stand a chance!

[PTR] Arcane Blast 7.3

I thought they looked familiar...

CRZ has no place in zones like the Timeless Isle and Isle of giants.(rant)

I'm trying to farm the tusks of Mannoroth. To do so I need to get a lot of charms for a lot of reroll tokens. These charms can be farmed on the timeless isle. I thought I'd be done quickly as I play on a low pop server with barely any people from the other faction.Wrong.I've tried to farm these frogs 5 times in the past 3 days and every single time there's a group of 5 from the opposing faction tagging the entire area.A similar thing happened when I wanted to grind Emperor Shaohao rep, which you get by killing mobs in the area which requires a legendary cloak. I went there, again, like 5 times. Every single time nearly every mob would be dead. I even tried doing it at like 5 am and still every single mob was dead.CRZ is meant to make the world seem more alive, but nobody wants to see other people while farming rep mobs, least of all from the other faction. I play on a low pop pve realm and the only thing I've seen on the timeless isle are players from the other faction. I play on my realm to escape this kind of bullshit and now I'm forced to deal with it again in old content. There's no benefit to seeing players from other factions through CRZ on pve realms, it just makes everything way more annoying.This forum posts accurately describes my feelings towards CRZ in general: Managed to farm for like 10 minutes until two Orcs starting stealing all my tags. This is infuriating.

Been a while since I logged on this toon.

It's a good thing Azshara lives in the ocean, there's a lot of water to take care of burns

Release day of Demon Hunters, Never forget.

I'd love to see more of these two.

Anyone else think it would be awesome to be able to create orcs with the skin tone instead of green/blue varieties? Plus customisable tattoos etc!

Why can't we have these warglaives for transmog? The old demon hunters in BC and vanilla have them.

Blue Dragonflight guy

Just rogue things....

Azeroth's Portal Network: A travel guide for the lazy!

Bamboozled by a pro...

Questing Mishaps - Comic

This doesn't look like a candle to me...

This gets me every time, even if its in WoD expansion

Current State of Protection Paladin

You think mythic is hard?

Dear Nomi, Screw You, Sincerely Everyone.

Something seems off about this shop. Can't quite put my finger on it.

A little surprise left for me by the wife!

Escape rope, crafted engineering item that takes you to the front entrance of a raid on use

Doing some old transmog runs in mop and hate having to hearth and fly back to pandaland just to goto the next raid, I think this would be a wonderful item and would help the engineering profession at the same time.