Adventure is waiting

Was accidentally sent mats and gold; returned it to the sender; he sends back this:

Here's a spreadsheet I made for leveling alts (Horde side only tho)

Pretty much the title, I should preface this by saying that I have fully upgraded all of my heirlooms, I don't have Draenor flying yet, and you will need the toy called "The Azeroth Campaign". Also: this is my own opinion, which means that this is the way that I found to be the most efficient whilst also being enjoyable :)Edit: The spreadsheet is aimed primarily at DPS specs, with the idea that starting from level 15, when the dungeon finder becomes available, you queue up for every dungeon once or twice to complete its quests. While in queue, you'll be questing in the zones I recommend! If you're playing a healer or a tank though, and queue times get really short, it can be more efficient to only run random dungeons for the bonus exp.Edit 2: Added some notes to the legion section (clarity yey)Google docs link: you have a suggestion to make this more fun and/or efficient, please share your thoughts with me in a comment so I may consider making changes and if this gets popular I may invest some time to make an alliance version to this :D

I made a discord bot that joins your voice channel and shouts "LEEEERRRRROOOOOY JEEEEENNNKINNS" then leaves

You thought the legendary system was bad? Imagine if we got this...

Mione Solo: +19 Court of Stars (Bursting, Skittish, Tyrannical)

Method world first Kil'jaeden live in 15 minutes!

Hey.. What you guys up to?

Artifact Lore: Twinblades of the Deceiver (6:31)

Method WF Kil'jaeden video

My father, who I played WoW with for 10 years sadly passed away. Any way of immortalising his character?

Hello all,First time posting on this reddit. As the title says, sadly, my father passed away on June 15th and we played World of Warcraft together for many many years, with his account active for over 10 years and played virtually every single day! We used to talk and keep in contact through the game throughout my parents divorce and also when he worked away.I was wondering if there was any way of preserving his characters, in game by special request, perhaps as an NPC, just to immortalize him in something we shared many fond memories of over the course of 10 years. This game is something that has a very special place in my heart for the way it brought us together, and kept us smiling through many tough times. It's just a game, but it was very important to us both.I've been in touch with blizzard via ticket but don't know what will happen as it's not a technical issue. I've already done the technical bit of cancelling his account and providing the relevant details etc.I also understand there's a service where the characters can be made into models?Sorry if this seems like a fruitless task, but if anyone knows, or can help, or perhaps notify the relevant employees of Blizzard to talk to me, it's here on reddit! I understand this is a massive long shot and he's not the only person to have passed whilst subbed to this game but hey, if you don't ask, you may never know.Wishing you all the best. Tell those you love that you do love them often. x

My transmog is awesome - DLV - 591

Crochet tauren druid bear form

Garrosh finds one hell of a Chiropractor in afterlife(HoTS official art)

This Blingtron was placed there by satan himself

[CONCEPT] Let engineers craft item to turn any mount into flying mount

Christie Golden write new Warcraft novel

Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

Something's not quite right...

Happy feet on pandaren looks like she's searching for a toilet

When you have to bio but you have been 30 min in queue

Sunset over northern Durotar

TIL: If you log into wowhead with your account, go to profiles and pin your character, all quest pages will show if you've completed them or not.

That is all. This just saved me a ton of time finding out where in the Balance of Power quest line I was.Edit: because multiple people are commenting on this, you do NOT give your login to wowhead, they use blizzard's OAuth API, meaning, you log into and allow wowhead to read some data from your account, WOWHEAD DOES NOT GET YOUR LOGIN INFO.Also, if you are not comfortable with this at all, you can also go to Tools > Profiler > Lookup profile and get the information that way, thanks to /u/somtaaw101 for pointing that out.

Worgens are Italian confirmed.

All of you wishing to reach Desolace through Stonetalon Pass in Mulgore, beware, for a vile creature lurks at the top (thanks, Mind Vision)

I haven't got my brew of the month since Legion launched! :(

Anybody else got this bug? A GM told me to report it as a bug, wondering if anyone here is missing their brews too.

Exorsus got world second KJ, gratz!

When the stars align.... They're all 17+

Inspired to make this after the Auction House Dance Party

Blizzard, can you please for the love of god fix this? i was way out before the timer ran out!

All I could think of while watching the trailer for the new Thor movie

New player, love this game, BUT

What is up with vanilla dungeons? I get i it they are for fast alt leveling with heiroolms, but i shouldn't get kicked for doing lowest dps. It makes me feel miserable that i get kicked AND can't que again in 30 minutes. I know there is no way of stopping this kind of behaviour, so i want YOU to give new players in lvl1-58 dungeons a change to enjoy the content and not get kicked right at the begining for not owning heirlooms. Fully heirloomeed players can just facerush the dungeon, give the new players the right to experience dungeons.

The hip, new way to read a map.

Patch 2.3: The Gods of Zul'Aman [Trailer] still gives me goosebumps after all these years

Uuuuhm... I would like to disagree here.

Quickly Photoshopped picture of Possible Helya Hole Locations

RNG is fun!

TIL: The Felfire Hawk only has it's skeleton cast a shadow

Almost 7 Years Later, and It's Still a Portal to Nowhere

Only a little bit Messner, only a little bit.

BF left me, but Bara Boy never will

Hidden teleport location to Ogrimmar in the Monk order hall. was strolling around my order hall when I suddenly got teleport to Orgrimmar. The rabbit hole on the middle picture seems to be a trigger for the teleportation to Ogrimmar and not only that it also sets your hearthstone to The Dranosh'ar Blockade and puts it on cooldown if its already set to The Dranosh'ar Blockade.

Why can this thing even titanforge?!

When farming Mimirons Head on 12 characters a week for months, this guy ...

Moon Guard auction house, 20 minutes after event came up.

Happy AH Dance Party Day. Here's Khadgar doing 'The Carlton'

Remember there are 4 other Auction Houses in Orgrimmar to use during the Dance Party

How to instantly make the Rogue T21 200% better

PvE Tuning Changes for June 25

In an alt run of Normal ToS, we decided to defeat Kil'jaeden with the power of love and friendship