Legendary upgrade quest item is now currency, go to dalaran/class hall for this fix happen.


We just killed kill'jaeden, guildie gifted me the new glyph :D Burning embers.


Made some Conjured Mana Buns from the WoW Cookbook today! Delicious.


Trust in Lord Illidan!


After 70 Wipes, we managed to kill Kil'jaeden Heroic with a Pug Group

Yesterday i started a Pug with the goal to the first week Curve. After trying to find the right guys for 3 Hours we were finally able to start. We managed to get 8/9 very quick and then it was only KJ left. After wiping for 9 Hours straight, constantly having to change People and Strats, we had to stop for the day as it was 4 am already and people were tired. But the people were motivated, almost everyone from yesterday joined the Raid today again. Imagine a pug where everybody pays 10k Gold for a Vantus Rune, people placing Feasts and Cauldrons just for the Raid. On our 71. Pull we managed to kill him.Thanks for everyone that sticked arround and helped make this happen. This community is awesome.http://ift.tt/2t0de6l

Found an interesting "Harley Davidson" shirt


My Sylvanas Windrunner cosplay - Legion version!


Getting tired of Illidan stealing the spotlight all the time. This little cutscene was satisfying.


What do you call a party with everybody but the Blood Death Knight wiped?

Death and DK.runs away

What's good, my...


The Happiest Little Landmass in all of Azeroth


In Czech Republic, we've got this beer called Argus...


[Spoiler]After the Sargeras cinematic...


Maw of the Damned actually speaks after killing Kil'Jaeden.


In Tomb you can become Gul'dan


When you have a lockbox but can't find any rogues.


As a healer, when the DPS dies in the same fire for the 17th time...


I didn't realize how much I took the Suramar campaign/NH build up quest line for granted until doing ToS.

Do not get me wrong, I love ToS. I am just not getting the same amount of immersion when doing the raid. NH it felt like an epic conclusion to a long struggle. ToS, as much as I love the encounters, just feels like a door opened and a bunch of bad guys are inside (outside of Avatar and KJ).I hope Blizzard puts more effort into campaigns like they did with Suramar in the future. Definitely adds more to the raid itself!With that said, ToS still rocks!

Absolute Madman (Spoilers)


Neat "secret" Xmog dropped off of H Maiden for me


When you trusted Illidan to help.


I made a super simple guide to Tomb of Sargeras, for those that need a quick digest or something to look at before you pull the boss to remind you


KJ Bonus Rolls

Just a heads up, after KJ dies, the cinematic is long enough if you watch the whole thing you have about 3-4 seconds to click your bonus roll before it times out. Be quick, rekill, or cancel the cinematic and watch it later, there's plenty of sources.Seems like a bit of an oversight on Blizz's part, though.

When you find out Argus has no Apexis Crystals


RP & Chill in Pandaria When Suddenly Argus


[Underlight Angler] Finally, the deed is done.


Oh, Brother... (Spoilers)


Why is it that Mages pray more than Priests?

I'm not a huge "class fantasy" person, but isn't it kinda weird? I mean, just look at the gameplay. Arcane mages pray for mana, Frost mages pray for procs, and Fire mages pray that their Raid leader doesn't check DPS

Razorscale you said? We got it.


Tomb of Sargeras Guide

Guide using several different sources and testing for Tomb of Sargeras. Let me know if you have any constructive criticism/feedback. I'll continue to update this as new strategies and ideas come out.http://ift.tt/2tqGJMc (Higher Resolution): http://ift.tt/2sNRnPc

ToS - DPS (Ranged) Cheat-Sheet

I created a little cheat-sheet, based on mmo-champs ToS guides. Included are all mechanics that affect ranged DPS during the 9 boss encounters in ToS. I will update the sheet if anything changes and include mythic mechanics as soon as I can. Hopefully some people find this useful, as I used to create those sheets for myself and always found that they were quite handy.http://ift.tt/2sPyImW

I made a 3d model of what I think a Daelin Proudmoore/Kul Tiras memorial might look like.


After killing KJ


Kil'jaeden Defeat Cinematic - Good Sound


Frost Mage be like


I thought Khadgar reminded me of someone.


The Tomb Compendium

After the success of the Nighthold Compendium I am back to aid in our final preparations for Tomb of Sargeras. I've gathered together different guides and materials so that we can read them all in one place (and so that we have something to link that one slacker that never does any research). Tomb Boss Kill 'quick guide'For when you didn't expect to be brought in on the first night- N/H Minimalist Guide (by Vetaro) Comprehensive Written GuidesFor when you forgot half of the boss abilities and need something for your second monitor- N/H Boss Introductions (By MMO-Champion)- N/H Tomb Boss Summaries (By Icy Veins)- N/H/M In-depth Tomb Survival Guide (By Wowhead)- H In-depth Boss Strategy & Discussion (By Group Two) Kill VideosFor when seeing really is believing- H Boss Previews (By Fatboss) Tomb LootFor when you're more interested in what happens when the bosses are dead- Tomb Healer Trinkets- Tomb Loot Guide- DPS Tier Set Comparisons   FAQIs there an attunement?Nope, there are no raid attunements this expansion. Your Legionfall rep is of no use here. When can I upgrade my legendaries to 970?New legendaries will drop at 970. From this week you can manually upgrade any you already have by collecting 50 Writhing Essence as part of a quest you can pick up in Dalaran (or from your weekly M+ chest). The Essence drop from handing in emissaries, PVP weekly quests, raid boss kills and your weekly M+ box. If you complete most of the content you can expect to upgrade a couple a week. The unlimited token was PTR-only. Where can I follow the world first race?The Method website offers in depth coverage of the race (even when Method aren't winning). Good luck! We've got this. 

A flashback to how it was - DLC - 560


The real reason no one plays Paladins anymore


Somebody still has the Twilight Cultist buff (pre-Cataclysm event)


So My Friend has been in the Process of Converting WoW to VR, Here is his progress.


During a short time this was very popular during Siege of Orgrimmar.


Talking about old videos, this one made a lot of people roll rogue alts during TBC