For the past few weeks (probably longer) Gurubashi Arena's chest has been overtaken by a mafia of 5-10 players denying the chest that comes every 3 hours and selling off the right to loot the chest to other players

They created a very sophisticated rotation of players that already have the achievement, Gurubashi Arena Master, and exist to basically deny the chest entirely and get it to despawn OR have one of their sales loot the chest (they charge 5000 per loot, though since I keep coming in the way, they upped that charge to 25,000 for me - FYI you need to loot the chest 12 times for the achieve, 1 more time for the heirloom leveling trinket).Unfortunately I don't think I have a solution to this. This is clearly not rule breaking so I highly doubt Blizzard will step in (not that I want them to), and is more of a natural game phenomenon. But there seems to be no counterplay to this. On the one hand, I'm actually impressed and applaud their dedication. The chest spawns every 3 hours, 3pm 6pm 9pm 12am 3am etc. and they ALWAYS have 4 people there camping it and preventing anyone else to open it.I can't:1) Make a server hop - they changed server hopping to be in the same area, and well no one Stranglethorn outside of Gurubashi Arena, so that's no longer possible.2) Create a raid of my own with friends or PUGs - not possible because there is scarcely any interest in the achievement or the PvP heirloom enough to do this.3) Outpower and manuever them - they are all 3.8+ to 4m clearly mythic geared having some Mythic kills under their bet and there's at least 4 of them. I tried getting a Druid to camp in invis and loot but that hasn't worked at all since they clearly know such tactics. I tried different types of buffs etc., but their CC and fire power just nukes players to oblivion. It's a best case 4v1 fight, worst case 8v1.4) Gather people from the arena to fight them together - like I said not enough interest so you barely get one or two stragglers.I'm not exactly sure what to do. Any ideas?