Fighter Chow is your healer's best friend when dealing with Grievous in M+ 7+!

Just for those people who don't know that Grievous in M+ 7 and above puts a stacking damage over time(dot) on people who are below 90% health. This debuff DOES NOT drop when out of combat and your healers NEED to drink to top off their mana after fast or lengthy pulls.Fighter Chow increases your health regen rate by 400% when out of combat and largely mitigates the debuff giving your healers time to mana up before the next encounter! Please do them this favor! You don't want to waste time after combat for the healer to try and heal everyone back to 100% then drink as it can cost valuable time on your key!EDIT1: Fighter Chow is a legion food which can be used by any character above level 101. So instead of Crit/Haste/Mastery/Vers food consider Fighter Chow!