Blizz, we need more screen time with our villains!

So I know Blizz has been getting a little better at giving us motivations to want to raid the big bosses. Gul'dan kills Varian in a brutal fashion that had even I, a Hordie, wanted him dead. Kil'jaeden did that nasty shit with Velen's son. They're definitely bad dudes.However, there is more to villains than just committing atrocities. Villains should motivate the players by providing a visible carrot on a stick narratively. It's not like Blizz isn't capable of this kind of scripting. Just look at Xavius for an example of how to correctly build up a villain. A "classic" example was Arthas showing up during Icecrown questing to harass the player.If The Burning Legion has a flaw as a fictional enemy force, it's that the demons are generic baddies with few personality-rich villains in their ranks. Kil'jaeden is supposed to be the ultimate deceiver so I'd like to see some real master-class deception. Why doesn't Kil'jaeden exploit the obvious hatred between the factions and break the morale of the Legionfall forces? How cool would it be if there were "deceiver world quests" hidden amongst your normal chores, where your objective lead to the destruction of the other faction's resources or personnel. These WQs would have a larger than average reward for completion, but have a chance to be an enemy ploy. At the end of the quest, Kil'jaeden would personally congratulate you for assisting him.How about a special Legion invasion scenario that would randomly replace one of the current ones and feature forces led directly by the Deceiver. World Quests would randomly lure players into brutal traps, or maybe even into unasked for world PvP in a flashpoint of the demon lord's creation.Basically, I'd like to see the game mechanics reinforce the narrative and turn these big bads into something truly memorable.