As a veteran player, the new player base is so arrogant.

I have been playing WoW for years. Just the other week I needed to run a heroic daily for my bonus AP. I queue up and ended up joining a group of fairly lower geared players and ended up in Cathedral of Eternal Night with me as leader. Me, being the tank, take the lead and starts pulling trash.As we get to the first boss room with the flowers and mind-controlling succubus, bad RNG takes place. The succubus casts mind-control on me the tank, while the flower starts casting a channeled snare on another random player. The other party members in the group do not interrupt or use CC/stun on any of these hostile abilities and end up getting overwhelmed by ads while I was MC'ed.After being out of MC'ed 2-3 members have died and ended up with just me dispatching the rest of the ads myself as I was over-geared for the content. Then comes to sly remarks from some ignorant group members."do we even have a tank?" "I've had agro this entire time!"As I begin to type out an educating response on how when the tank is MC'ed other party members need to stun/interrupt hostile mobs, and also mobs don't always target the tank with all their abilities and that random party members will get selected even if they don't have agro- I immediately saw that I was vote kicked from the dungeon while typing resulting in deserter debuff.This goes to show that many new players jump to conclusions when clearly they are clueless, and don't even have the aptitude of wanting to have a chance to learn and automatically shift blame on others for their own ineptitude.