I thought BGs ended early when there are not enough players. I guess the Brawl is an exception?


Woke up to Find a Naaru Visiting My House


Everyone seemed to enjoy my raid leader's gif from yesterday, here is one I found from heroic progression a few months ago.


By Elune's armpits, what is companion app downloading?


trade chat never disappoints


this npc in my orderhall


Tomb Opening June 20th. Schedule released.


Fighter Chow is your healer's best friend when dealing with Grievous in M+ 7+!

Just for those people who don't know that Grievous in M+ 7 and above puts a stacking damage over time(dot) on people who are below 90% health. This debuff DOES NOT drop when out of combat and your healers NEED to drink to top off their mana after fast or lengthy pulls.Fighter Chow increases your health regen rate by 400% when out of combat and largely mitigates the debuff giving your healers time to mana up before the next encounter! Please do them this favor! You don't want to waste time after combat for the healer to try and heal everyone back to 100% then drink as it can cost valuable time on your key!EDIT1: Fighter Chow is a legion food which can be used by any character above level 101. So instead of Crit/Haste/Mastery/Vers food consider Fighter Chow!

Lovely to see people chatting in Orgrimmar again :)


King Varian Wrynn Illustration by Shawn Fox


Something, something, wow is dead


WoW bugged and gave me a semi-permanent black screen after a loading screen. I embraced my inner Illidan and decided to try raiding Mythic NH.


Blingtron Circuit Design Tutorial. Level 22. Stuck here and couldn't get any further no matter what I tried. I'm going to go cry now.


Never let the new guy roll...


The only proof that the English language exists in wow (that I've ever found)


Withered Jimbo!!!


What the WarCraft I map would look like using modern day assets


My raid leader makes one of these nearly every week before a new Mythic boss and I thought I would share one.


Dear Nithogg

Where have you gone? It's been months since we've seen you. We miss you more and more each day. Sincerely, Warriors

Look who I found, ready to fight the legion


7.2.5 Legendaries will drop through existing system


Guy seems pretty confident in his damage output.


So I booted up my old iMac...


iLvl Requirements these days are getting out of hand. Fuck you for not giving casuals a Chance.




Please Blizz, Alu'neth feels left out of most battles.


We did a motorcycle ride along from Lights Hope Chapel down to Booty Bay in honor of Memorial Day!


I drew another Nightborne.


I didn't even see him...


When Draenei and Blood Elves mix


Hole in One - DK style


To everyone that drops a Blingtron 6000 in Dal, Thank you.

Seriously, ya'll are the best. You did all of that engineering nonsense and you spread the wealth. It's awesome.

Riding a dragon looks like an exercise in stomach strength


Mione Solos Heroic Chronomatic Anomaly !


Highmountain Hamburger!


For the Alliance! Lion head banner, carved in limewood


Bliz did not test this quest -Ele Shaman-


Showerthought: Vanessa VanCleef has been in charge of the Deadmines longer than Edwin ever was.

Edwin: 6 Years, 13 days. Vanessa: 6 Years, 5 Months, 22 days.I'm getting old. <\3

When you wipe in a pug run.


What is the dumbest, but easily preventable thing you've ever done in WoW?

I'm a 7/10M Warlock.I left my Imp on passive for 4 lockouts straight wondering why I was playing so shitty.Hbu?Edit: Front page!!! Shout out to Ember on Zul'Jin. Hai gaiz. I'm famous.

What other bosses can you imagine?


Announcing WoWAnalyzer - a comprehensive log analysis tool

WoWAnalyzer (http://ift.tt/2r48WZS) is a comprehensive log analysis tool which takes a log from Warcraftlogs and does a static analysis of your gameplay based on various key metrics and gives suggestions on how to improve. Some features include (but not limited to) are:SuggestionsCast efficiencyItem (legendary) performanceMana graph breakdownCooldown usage detailsWoWAnalyzer was a project started initially as a "Holy Paladin Analyzer" by Zerotorescue whom is also the original Author and owner of this project, the project was forked to other similar tools such as the "Resto Druid Analyzer". This has led to a merge in the projects and a reconstruction of the core to a general multi-purpose analysis tool.The project right now is an ongoing development project and new features are added every day. It is open source and anyone is free to create pull-requests to contribute missing features/modules. For now it is centered around healing specs, as many of the features are common for the various spec and can be reused. Although creating a module for a dps/tank class is is fully possible.Right now WoWAnalyzer supports:Holy paladin (by Zerotorescue) (preview example log: http://ift.tt/2qz70Fa)Disc priests (by Zerotorescue) (preview example log: http://ift.tt/2r4923Y)Resto druids (by blazyb) (preview example log: http://ift.tt/2qzbifQ)MW monks (by anom0ly) (preview example log: http://ift.tt/2r4hi3F)Resto shamans (by Versaya) (preview example log: http://ift.tt/2qzhHYy)

You received Chaos Crystal.


The official WoW FB page just posted this.. One of us.


Drew my friend's orc shaman


Back in Cata, I wanted to hit the max level in a creative way. This is how I did it.


Number squish when - DLC - 586


Quick painting of my new night elf




First time leveling a character from level 1 since Legion launched and I forgot what I was missing. I now have a new found appreciation for the old zones, due to the Legion zones being overly busy.