To everyone that drops a Blingtron 6000 in Dal, Thank you.

Seriously, ya'll are the best. You did all of that engineering nonsense and you spread the wealth. It's awesome.

Riding a dragon looks like an exercise in stomach strength

Mione Solos Heroic Chronomatic Anomaly !

Highmountain Hamburger!

For the Alliance! Lion head banner, carved in limewood

Bliz did not test this quest -Ele Shaman-

Showerthought: Vanessa VanCleef has been in charge of the Deadmines longer than Edwin ever was.

Edwin: 6 Years, 13 days. Vanessa: 6 Years, 5 Months, 22 days.I'm getting old. <\3

When you wipe in a pug run.

What is the dumbest, but easily preventable thing you've ever done in WoW?

I'm a 7/10M Warlock.I left my Imp on passive for 4 lockouts straight wondering why I was playing so shitty.Hbu?Edit: Front page!!! Shout out to Ember on Zul'Jin. Hai gaiz. I'm famous.

What other bosses can you imagine?

Announcing WoWAnalyzer - a comprehensive log analysis tool

WoWAnalyzer ( is a comprehensive log analysis tool which takes a log from Warcraftlogs and does a static analysis of your gameplay based on various key metrics and gives suggestions on how to improve. Some features include (but not limited to) are:SuggestionsCast efficiencyItem (legendary) performanceMana graph breakdownCooldown usage detailsWoWAnalyzer was a project started initially as a "Holy Paladin Analyzer" by Zerotorescue whom is also the original Author and owner of this project, the project was forked to other similar tools such as the "Resto Druid Analyzer". This has led to a merge in the projects and a reconstruction of the core to a general multi-purpose analysis tool.The project right now is an ongoing development project and new features are added every day. It is open source and anyone is free to create pull-requests to contribute missing features/modules. For now it is centered around healing specs, as many of the features are common for the various spec and can be reused. Although creating a module for a dps/tank class is is fully possible.Right now WoWAnalyzer supports:Holy paladin (by Zerotorescue) (preview example log: priests (by Zerotorescue) (preview example log: druids (by blazyb) (preview example log: monks (by anom0ly) (preview example log: shamans (by Versaya) (preview example log:

You received Chaos Crystal.

The official WoW FB page just posted this.. One of us.

Drew my friend's orc shaman

Back in Cata, I wanted to hit the max level in a creative way. This is how I did it.

Number squish when - DLC - 586

Quick painting of my new night elf


First time leveling a character from level 1 since Legion launched and I forgot what I was missing. I now have a new found appreciation for the old zones, due to the Legion zones being overly busy.

Nightmare is spreading in Denmark

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

What happened to this?

I have done Withered Training 50+ times. Do Nightfallen emissary whenever it's up since September. Still no Fox mount invitation.

How is this even possible? Is there no bad luck protection for this? I'm getting really sick of training these stupid Withered.

Trial of Style rewards will likely be the now un-obtainable WOTLK launch event armor.

I would argue, that Ornyx has plenty of chill

Found Legion senior-quotes in my brother's yearbook

Close Enough

The most frustrating boss to solo. Blizzard please fix that.


TIL there is a mount only 1 player ever owned

Doing World Quests and found a new Background

My drawing of Ysera, the Dreamer. 😭

After about 10k World Quests I have finally reached 1m Order Resources on a single character've been pretty much clearing the map of all WQs since the start of Legion, stopped doing them for about a month after getting the 10k World Quest achievement and just did them for the emissary chests and started again after 7.2 because of the Paragon reputations, Artifact Power and I realized it's a pretty good gold income for me.I have around 1.7m Order Resources across my account at this point, even though I have almost no use for it I think it's pretty fun to keep collecting it just for the sake of getting a bigger number.I buy Bonus Rolls each week for Order Resources, create troops and send missions every day and have Champion Armament work orders constantly.I have done the Val'sharah "Aw, Nuts!" World Quest 56 times.

Trial of Style Transmog Competition rewards, anyone else EXTREMELY underwhelmed?

Help! I'm surrounded by culinary incompetence.

Illidan is out there somewhere

Alts these days.

When Transmog Goes Wrong

I'm not that kind of Orc!

"Play whatever you like, don't worry about dps"

I wanted to discuss a topic that might be a bit controversial, but I'd love to hear what you guys think. I sometimes spend time in the /r/wow new queue and see countless "what class should I play???" topics. The answers that invariably come out are "play whatever you like, don't worry about dps. If you try to chase the strongest class/spec, you will always be chasing. If you're not in a top mythic guild, the differences won't matter." I wanted to address some criticisms I also commonly hear.Let me start by saying I agree to an extent. Playing whatever you think is fun is absolutely and forever the #1 priority.However, there are plenty of people who would find several specs fun but also enjoy having high dps.As a crude example, say I define fury warrior as "8 levels of fun" and shadow priest as "10 levels of fun" and affliction lock as "3 levels of fun". I also think topping the damage meters and feeling good at contributing damage as "5 levels of fun" (with lower damage is less enjoyable). So overall, Fury is 8+4, Shadow Priest is 10+1, and Affliction is 3+5. So even though I might find shadow priests the most "fun", my overall enjoyment is maximized if I choose fury warrior. The numbers are arbitrary, but you get my point."If you're not in a bleeding edge mythic guild, that won't matter."Of course, high end guilds will absolutely want the optimal comp and squeeze out any small advantages they have. But normal guilds want this, too, don't they? If there is an advantage they can get simply by having their members play classes with higher damage, isn't that "free damage?" If I'm an average player (50 parse) and I'm playing the strongest class, I might have 100-200k more dps than another 50 parse player playing the weakest class. The skill differences between us are marginal, but the output is significant."The damage increase you get from going from a weaker class to a stronger class is nothing if you can't play your class or do your mechanics correctly"True. If a player just chases whatever class/spec if best, they will not be as familiar with the class as someone who has been playing the same one since Legion release. However, I believe that there is a point of diminishing returns where after some time, you pretty much know your spec very well and playing it for another 3 months isn't going to make you significantly better. I think that this point occurs fairly quickly for some players, possibly within a month of regular play. So chasing the best spec might put you a month behind, but eventually you will catch up. And this means even less if you choose to learn a new class during the downtime before a raid tier (like right now!)In conclusion, I do think that playing what you find fun and enjoyable is most important, but I also don't think that we should be writing off peoples' desires to play a strong class as meaningless. It does make a difference and many people take it into account when they choose a new class to play. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this topic, thanks!

Blizzard really impressed me today. Went out for a smoke hung out and when I came back the ticket was done. Thanks a lot Shaubban!

Everyone's doing this "super hole in one" thing, so here's a Monk rolling in

Introducing: Iron Horde Fidget Spinner!

Super Hole In One - Druid Edition

Worst feeling in WoW; Some players might be able to relate this week

After many hours of trying i finally did it too.

Super Hole In One - Warrior Edition

Shouldn't you be working???