"Thrall's balls! They're everywhere..."

So Blizzard keeps changing my guild name from Thrall's Balls because they find it offensive. Yet they are the ones who came up with it.Thrall's balls is a humorous catch phrase originally used by Legionnaire Nazgrim during Blood and Thunder!, during which he yells: Thrall's balls! They're everywhere... Later, during Defending the Rift, he also says Thrall's balls! I'm sick of fighting naga!In the Legion pre-patch, several new voiced emotes were added for all playable races. Orc characters who use the /whoa emote say "Thrall's balls!"Do it, type /whoa on an Orc.I think it's a bit hypocritical of them to deem my guildname offensive, and I quote "Violation: Inappropriate Guild NameYour fellow players reported your in-game name as inappropriate multiple times. " when they use it in game THREE TIMES and even have an emote for it!This is not for using the name Thrall in the guildname either.