The new weekly "Mark of the Sentinax" quest is the most frustrating grind I've ever done.

This week's "progression" towards the ToS questline is the "Mark of the Sentinax", offering the absolutely fun and interesting task to gather 100 marks from mobs under the Sentinax.What is not said, is that only empowered or boss mobs drop marks, at a staggeringly low droprate. And all other problems that surround the Sentinax are coming through. Tagging makes this grind maddening, especially if like me you went in (at first) solo. There are dozens upon dozens of groups in the area all instant tagging everything on site, witch makes it impossible to get a single mob for waves at a time. Even when I finally caved and started a group, people would rush every portal and we'd get maybe 10-15% of mobs every wave, rewarding maybe 1 mark every 5 minutes.Secondly, after people started noticing that only empowred portals offered marks, groups started hoarding beacons and we had people just waiting that somebody else opens a portal to empower or steal. The most fun is the droprate of beacons and empowering beacons, I think I only saw one in over two hours of grinding.This tagging madness is the most frustrating thing I've ever done in wow, worse than farming resistance gear at the throne of the elements in BC. I can assure with confidence that Blizzard does not play it's own game because they'd have thrown their monitor over the balcony this quest is so fucking annoying.And on top of all that, the rewards are so bad I wonder what the point of this is, after two hours I had 2000 shards, this is just adding insult to injury, what on earth is the fucking point to this except pissing me off for the whole day.