So I just had something VERY interesting happen with Leystone Lockboxes.

Since 7.2 I have been gradually getting Leystone Lockboxes but I didn't have a 110 Rogue or a JC for the lockpicks. I finally got fed up with all the storage space these were taking up so I did the JC quests to unlock the lockpick recipe.I also use AdiBags which has a feature to "merge" unstackable items to condense the size of your bags so instead of 100 stacks of a unique item it just has a stack of 100 that only takes up 1 virtual bag slot. I had 30 lockboxes total, but for some odd reason only 27 were in one stack, 2 in another stack, and a single by itself.I opened the single one first and got 2 BoE epics out of the single box and was dumbfounded. Went on to open the stack of 2 and each one of those had 1 BoE epic in it. Then I went on to open the stack of 27 and those had nothing but greens and gold in it. It was almost like AdiBags knew which boxes had epics beforehand based on some hidden item information and would also suggest that the loot in these boxes is predetermined.Anyone else experience something similar?