I had a really great experience with a raid today and felt like sharing

Today, I had a bit of extra time, so I popped in the group finder to see if anybody needed a tank. 90% of the time, there are no spots available for me (Item Level is only 860), but I was relieved to see a full group running Heroic Emerald Nightmare just needed one tank to get started. I requested to join and was thrilled to be accepted.Once we started running, they told me to just follow the other tank's lead, as they were all a part of a guild and I was the only pug. They knew what they were doing and mowed down the first few bosses really quickly. However, once we got to the dragons, I started really struggling with the rotations, and we wiped a few times. Given that I suck at raids and am always met with sheer anger when I fuck up a mechanic, I was about to leave the party and bail. However, instead of even getting remotely mad, they sent me a link to their discord. I popped in, and they clearly explained the fight. We cleared it immediately after that with no hiccups.For the rest of the raid, everybody was incredibly supportive and helped me learn every mechanic I was unfamiliar with. At the end, I got several whispers thanking me for running it with them and telling me that, for not knowing a lot of the fights, I did a great job.As somebody who's played wow somewhat on and off since 2007, this was by far the most positive experience I've had in a group ever. I was absolutely blown away by how friendly everybody was, and it spoke as a testament to how much more down to earth and mature the WoW community is compared to other MMOs.I think the guild's name was Timewarp and Chill or something like that. Thanks so much, guys.Tl;dr, fucked up raid brutally, guild invites me to discord and patiently walks me through every fight