Best Route fo Hidden/Veiled Wyrmtongue Caches

Finally, I am experiencing my class fantasy as an Outlaw rogue.

I created an "audiobook" version of the questing story in Vanilla Westfall - Complete with voice acting!

After the unbelievably good quest writing in Suramar, Broken Shore is a big disappointment

The questing in Suramar leading up to the opening of Nighthold was some of the best writing I've ever experienced in World of Warcraft. Every week I looked forward to the next part of the story opening up and never once felt like it was a chore. The "Good Suramaritan" meta was fantastic. Blood & Wine was some of the best quest writing I've ever personally experienced in this game.So it was with excitement that I started the Broken Shore invasion; the intro felt suitably epic and felt like it would be a worthy successor to the opening of Nighthold.But then Broken Shore came along, and it became a weekly fetch quest with zero story development, zero character development, and no emotional investment. A HUGE letdown after the phenomenal Nighthold saga.Suramar was in rebellion; we had personalities and character development (cemented by excellent voice acting), tragedy! despair! hope! rebellion! All exciting stuff; it was like a fantasy soap opera. I couldn't WAIT until each Tuesday came along and I got to do the next chapter of the saga.Broken Shore is just Khadgar and some random, unmemorable NPCs who tell you to fetch things. That's it.What happened? I only hope that the level of storytelling comes back up to the standard that Suramar set.

World of Warcraft Then and Now: Culling of Stratholme

Ornyx has no chill

So...FYI, don't accept a LFR/Dungeon queue while doing the ToV intro quest...

Artifact Knowledge books for alts are now max level rather than 35 once you hit 40 on one character.

Tuesdays are so fun

Since resubbing a year ago after a 5 year hiatus I have learned to totally love Tuesdays. Every week I get filled with hope.-Will the Tusks of Mannoroth drop from SoO this week when I run mythic and heroic on my DK and warrior?-Will the main hand Warglaive of Azzinoth drop for my DH this week?-Will Nithogg finally be the world boss again this week?-What will be this week's Legionfall quest?-What will drop in this weeks Nighthold raid?I love it. Even if I'm disappointed with all of the above it doesn't matter because next Tuesday will be another shot at it all.Everyone have a great week and good luck with all the drops you have been hunting for!

Artifact Knowledge can now be researched to a maximum level of 40 (was 50). -blizzard

Artifact Knowledge can now be researched to a maximum level of 40 (was 50). Developers’ Notes: We raised the Knowledge cap from 40 to 50 very late in the 7.2 PTR cycle, out of an abundance of caution: We wanted to ensure that players of all playstyles, as well as alt characters, would view the Concordance trait as accessible. However, between the additional Artifact Power gains added in 7.2 and others that were hotfixed in after the patch released, we’re now well ahead of that mark. Knowledge 40 now seems more than sufficient for players to reach Concordance, and the prospect of months’ worth of additional Knowledge still left to research makes some players feel like their efforts in the interim aren’t meaningful. Therefore, we’re rolling the cap back to 40.This means that the cap will be 4,001,000% AP insted of 55,200,100% AP

[DISCORD] Come ask questions, learn, and teach others.

A community discord for veterans of WoW to come together and answer questions while providing advice to new players about the general topics of the game, including raiding, PvP, roleplay, and much more! Come stop by or message me if you have questions. Looking forward to sharing this great game and community with those who are joining it!

An eredar lady I drew a while ago. I'm still pretty happy with her design so I wanted to share

Gilneas Tavern

Our raid leader finally took down the prot paladin Mage Tower challenge. He may have gone a little overboard in post.

Hotfixes: May 22 - WoW

I went afk for a few minutes and came back to this in my chat log

I think its time to allowe us to transmog fist weapon into one handed weapon

We are halfway to the end of the expansion and I think the joke has gone too far. I want to use weapons that match my transmog or at least show when I'm not in combat with my ww monk.I do not know what the problem is, DH can transmog its glaives into sword, axes, etc. why can not I transmog my fist weapon into a sword ?? :(Sorry if I sound a little salty i just tire of my artifact :P

Just came across this on my first time through the Forsaken zones... Blizzard, you always find a way to make me laugh.

DH Meta + Reflecting Prism = nightmare fuel.

My demon hunter has a side gig working at a local establishment.

I wouldn't light a fireplace in Dalaran.

Dear Blizzard: If You Make Murgulis A Plushie, I Promise To Buy Him

World of Warcraft needs an uplifting and positive narrative again. An expansion that exists mainly because it is fun and immersive to go on an adventure in a new land.

Let's put the lid on the doom and gloom for a while. I've had my fill of war, demons, and heroes larger than life. Just give us something like the Valley of the Four Winds.Here's to hoping that while the next expansion might contain the threat of Old Gods and Naga looming in the background, the main experience is all about sun-swept beaches and colourful jungles. :)

Tyrande Whisperwind Illustration

A Moment of Silence. is no longer online.

Notice will. Be. GIVEN. >:|

Pet Mirrored my Falcosaur, but my Weapons decided to stay out...

Fallen of the Silver Hand

A shower thought theory on what will happen to the artifact weapons on Argus, and how it will lead to the next expansion

Incredibly unreasonable and cheesy, don't try to make any sense of this, I may or may not be drunk while coming up with thisSo after we kill ol' KJ, we get ported on Argus in one of those legion star destroyers. Set up camp, Dadgar sits there and make dad jokes, Illidary tells people how much they sacrificed, Illidan and Maiev try really hard not to spontaneously bang each other. While we go around kill demons and collect some new artifacts.Eventually, in an scenario, big boss Sarg comes home, and is all like "WTF is this"We are like "yo, check out all this cool shit we have"And Sarg cast some spell and we still get rekt, lets be real, there are only a few powerful weapons lore wise (Specter of Sarg is probably the strongest one, and it only contains a tiny bit of Sarg's power) the rest are bullshit fillers (like Long John Dickweed's pirate sword, seriously, how are rogues even surviving lorewise)But maybe the artifacts have enough power to stop us from getting one shot, and we retreat and hide like the scrubs we are. Then Velen, priests can try to get Naaru to help, and Knifu can pitch in an idea: The artifacts together is probably not enough to destroy Sarg, but it may be enough to rip a temporary rift, to briefly allow some of the voidlord's power to come in our universe and fight sarg, and with Azeroth's heroes, Naaru, void stuff we may kill Sarg, and can live to worry about the void another dayThe final raid battle is to basically fend off Sarg's attack until they finish the ritual, then final cutscene:Sarg is winning, then we sacrificed all the artifact, a massive dimension rift opens, just when we are prepared for a final fight, huge ass tentacles burst out of the void and grabs Sarg, Sarg struggles but eventually gets ripped to shreds, mean while a deep voice from the void says "you did well Xal' atath"This corresponds to how much more powerful voidlords are compared to the leigon (and why Sarg was so scared of them), and also because the artifacts are relatively weak and letting void lords in to our universe takes a lot of energy, the void lord is only have a couple minutes to do stuff before the rift closesAfter he kills Sarg, he tries to reach out and corrupt more things, but a Naaru (preferably Xer'a cus I'm really getting tired of her shit now, and she is probably the most powerful one too) sacrifice her self to damage the void lord a bit, just enough to stall until the rift runs out of energy and closes againIllidan assumes control of the remaining legion forces on Argus, with the presence of the voidlord is felt in our universe, old gods on every planet feels the opportunity has arised to openly corrupt other things (especially now one their greatest enemy, Sarg is dead), and when we return to Azeroth, Nzoth's army fully invades from the depth and that's the next xpac.Oh, we also get to see Aszhara with tentacles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hilarious RP encounter in a Stormwind bar!

How to Start a Guild

The Grimtotem Champion is a masterclass of trash talk

I used the [Fel Meteor] and went beyond The Emerald Dreamway

Blizz: Make Violet Hold fresh by recreating it into a "Survival" style instance.

Enemies would come at you in waves and the longer you last, the better the loot is at the end.Simple, fresh, and it would be badass.

The wife's words: "I wasn't sure which ones you liked, so I got them all."

We have a problem with overlapping healer cooldowns so one of our members made this

To the other mage that took a beating on my behalf, I'm sorry

I accidentally click an afk orc Shaman by a flight path in Valsharah, which triggers my water elemental to start attacking him. To phase out of combat faster, I hit invisibility...but my water elemental keeps attacking him. Suddenly, you see the guy come back and start looking around....and with perfect timing, this other mage start prancing on by. The orc runs up and just fucking wails on her ass LOL. And I'm just awkwardly standing there invisible and decide to back away slowly....

DLC 585 - Breaking point

For those of you without engineering This is what piloted combat mode from reaves looks like from the inside. You can also /reload if you don't want to be in 1st person ( scrolling out didn't do anything) ,

Miravellan by Todor Hristov

I can't remember when I last did a "random" heroic that wasn't CoS, arcway, upper or lower kara, or cathedral of night.

These are the five that were added to the random heroic pool in 7.2, but it feels more like they replaced the random heroic pool.Yesterday I did 4 random heroics - two CoS, one lower kara, and one cathedral of night. I usually do at least one heroic per day, and I miss having the wider pool of dungeons.

Just did my first Raid, WOW!

Nobody probably gives a shit about this post because its just the ramblings of me but I felt the need to post it anyways, sorry guys.So I started playing nearly 2 months ago and I hit max level about a week ago, Dworgyn, my balance druid and I have had some awesome adventures in WOW so far.Been playing on the Draenor server and its been awesome to see how populated the entire world is and I've just had a brilliant experience in general. I'm still not very good and I'm woefully undergeared having just hit 825 (which is the level to unlock LFR raiding) and I had an absolute blast in my first raid!I dunno what it was, maybe the feeling of having 25 players together fighting against the Emerald Nightmare (and as a druid having done parts of the class hall It feels especially good and like a massive victory lorewise)Still gonna keep gearing through LFR and start heroic dungeons. LFR nighthold etc. I did feel like LFR was too easy (although other people were probably carrying me) but hopefully I can find a new players guild or something to do normal eventually.Sorry for wasting the time of anyone reading this but I enjoyed it so much I had to share on the off chance anyone did care! Thanks for reading!

Legion is beautiful

Found my better half while wondering in Dalaran