Can you ever own too many Elekk Plushies? I don't think so. All handsewn and, of course, with a squeaky toy inside of their trunks.

Showerthought: After spending 10 years of my life in Azeroth, I don't play wow to have fun. I play wow to come home.

Reading through posts where people talk about playing together with their children and spouses made me realize just how much wow has become a part of my life.I started playing back in Vanilla, when I was around Anduin's age. Now we are both adults, and I can't help but feel like we've grown up together.My sibligns have been playing for almost as long as I have, and whenever we meet and talk about our life, in between topics about work and school, there's also the "I was passing through Feralas the other day, and...", like it's a completely natural, integral part of our daily experiences.Sometimes I log in, not to do any quests and achievements, but simply to take a walk through these familiar places and marvel at the sights, reminiscing (or 'membering, if you like) all the fun times I had in there.

High King Varian Wrynn drawn by my mother.

Real Culprits behind Argus *Spoiler warning*

I would sacrifice EVERYTHING for a rainbow Fel Rush glyph!

Moonkin cuddles

[Spoiler] The view from Highmountain Peak is even better after KJ

A guildy did his daily heroic and wasn't awarded his essences. He submitted a ticket and the GM responded with this

Pugging M Gul'dan and our priest managed to life grip the tank to save him from getting knocked off the platform

When u are the only Rogue in your guild.

Coming soon to a Tomb near you!

On this date in 2012, the last of the Pinta Island giant tortoises passed away: WoW's Lon'li Guju is a tribute to Lonesome George

My attempt at drawing Illidan on MS Paint from memory. I present "Ildan".

A friend and fellow pet collector I met in 2008 lost her fight to cancer earlier this year. Last night, I passed her score on, and it hit me that our friendly rivalry is over for good.

I'd gotten a few of the new pets, and hit them with stones. This afternoon, I'm wasting some time before work, so I thought I'd update my score on wcpets to see how I'm doing. I'd jumped up a few places on my server's ranks, so went to take a look to see where I am.I realized I'd passed my friend's score... and it's the last time I'll ever do so. Then I realized that other people will keep updating theirs, and eventually, push her off the first page of scores, where she'd been in the top 10-20 for so long. It broke my heart a little bit.She was a great lady, always upbeat and cheerful even when her health problems hit her hard. She helped me a lot with my pet collections -- which is most of what I do in WoW (hell, it's how I got my start, selling cross-faction pets). I hadn't seen her on in a month or so, but it still surprised me when a mutual friend let me know she had passed away.We weren't incredibly close, but I'd known her for nearly nine years; she was one of the first friends I ever made in WoW, and one of the few that had stuck around that long. Sometimes it just hits me that, of all the people I've ever met, all the friends I've ever known, she's the first one that I know for sure that I'll never see again.I remember her telling me that K'ute was her new favorite pet, how happy she was when she got it. I've given mine her nickname, so she'll always be around in a way.Thanks for being such an awesome friend. I'll miss you, and I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye.

you're fine

My 4 year old wanted to say good night to my guildies and nearly crushed them with cuteness

This game is amazing!

So i bought this game around 2 weeks ago , and i finally hit level 110!It was such a great experience , i've been doing dungeons with my girlfriend and she plays a resto druid, myself i play a prot paladin.We also got our son to play he plays a arms warrior , he's lightly autistic and this game makes his days so much greater!We want to thank the WoW community so much for great fun, and also a special shoutout to Towelie's stream! We enjoy you alot , we watch you with the fam and you're raiding skills are great and helpfull!Thank you so much for this great community , and yes there are some rotten apples! But the ignore function does wonders :D!We appreciate you!/

Finally got my own Kirin Tor tattoo...feels great

What Khadgar sees Vs What Illidan sees

Watching the warcraft movie, subs are horrible, this one killed me.

Browsing the fireworks stand when suddenly...

People liked the first one i made. So here i bring: Oakhowl

Showerthought: For a wow developer naming a Quest must basically be like trying to find a free character name on a high pop server

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Updated TellMeWhen Profiles for Patch 7.2.5 for ALL CLASSES w/Download Links

Hey all! I just finished updating all of my profiles for 7.2.5!If you aren't aware of it, I have been making class profiles for all specializations that tell you important information in the center of your screen and also show what the ideal rotation for your spec is right in the middle of it all!New to this wave of updates is a reworked layout that improves memory usage and allows for easier customization and tweaking as well as a cleaner more compact appearance. With it come improvements to icon logic and reduced numbers of groups.You can find links to video examples and profile download links below.Death Knight -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkDemon Hunter -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkDruid -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkHunter -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkMage -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkMonk -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkPaladin -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkPriest -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkRogue -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkShaman -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkWarlock -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkWarrior -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkYou can see the changes made to each profile and keep up to date by visiting can also direct feedback to me directly via YouTube and Twitter or ask me Live on Twitch and DiscordAs always I hope you all find these profiles useful and feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions here or on the links posted above!

Is it rude to sit on druids?

As stupid as it sounds, this is an actual question.See, i am a DK, which means I am not particularly fast. In mythic+ especially I can be lagging behind in some areas, despite Wraithwalk (lol). So if we have a druid in the group and they use their horsey-form to run, i just tend to hop on them, since they instantly transform and it saves me the time to summon my mount.Many transform back and straight into travelform tho when i do that. I mean, i am a big, fat orc in propably really heavy armor and i don't smell nice, but it speeds things up, so why do i get thrown off? Am i missing some mechanic?Sorry to all druids for not knowing your culture. I have many many druid-friends tho and trees are super rad, right? Yay Malfurion and stuff.

I think my days of cheating are numbered.

You now get 5 Writhing Essence from Daily Heroic

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About the AMA today

Was I the only person who feels like the essay-style, 20-part posts from certain members of the community completely ruined the whole AMA?Those kind of posts deserve their own thread either here or on the class forums, not to be spammed up in what is supposed to be a fun thing for everyone. Especially since a lot of it was repeated questions or taken from existing threads.

As a monk main currently unable to play, I am really bummed and disheartened after that AMA. Anyone else feeling like that with their spec right now?

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Warriors atm

Spears Helper animation for guild. Hope it helps!

Eyelluminati Confirmed - What is Blizzard hiding in plain sight in tomb of Sargeras?

The Proof: would appear that the devs have been hinting at something in Tomb of Sargeras. There is an undeniable correlation throughout tomb between certain corrupted characters. I've connected many dots already, but I'm not sure what the solution is. I'd like to explain how we stumbled across this mystery, and I'd like reddit's help solving it.Its past midnight, Huggum and I are doing our usual post-raid bro strat session. Were standing in Avatars room, making weak auras and updating the Angry Assignment. This is the only time I see what the bosses or scenery look like in raids. Mostly I see swirls, raid frames, and weak auras when I play wow. We're commenting on how it was kind of lame that the 'Avatar' of the biggest badass in wow just looks like a pumped up Illidan.I had watched the Kil'jaeden kill cinematic because you can't bonus roll unless you skip it. The Kil'jaeden model was pretty awesome - GJ Blizz. Kil'Jaeden has a nasty cut on his right eye. I recalled this scar while looking up at the Avatar. "Whats with Blizzard and right eyes?" And then everything changed. I got woke. My third eye opens. I begin to see.Looking around the room I start paying more attention to the details in the faces on the wall. It's the sort of normal scenery I would mostly ignore. Those brite fel eyes in titan faces are weeping... from one eye. Care to guess which one?It's uncanny. We are both woke now. We check our journal for clues from the other bosses models. Huggum suggested that only characters who had been corrupted by fel had this eye condition. Maiden of vigilance weeps from her right eye while the other bosses have normal eyes. Maybe we are just crazy? No... we just need more proof.We head back to the elevator eager to look at Maidens corpse up close. We've become detectives, snapping screenshots and guessing at motives. As we wait for the elevator to land we look up and see the next hint. Titan faces unaffected by fel. Their brite holy glowing eyes - no scars, no weeping. Instead of just recoloring this texture asset and reusing it... They made a new one. That seems intentional. The elevator arrives.Standing over Maidens corpse my belief sinks in more. But when I look up I actually feel the hair on my neck raise up. I get a chill. Only one of four faces in maidens room is effected by the fel. The right eye is cracked and weeping fel energy.We start scouring the dungeon. All of the nightborn statues we are passing seem fine. Ghosts of nightborn seem ok. The other 'hero' NPCs of the alliance all have 2 plain old eyes. Through the rest of the instance we only found one statue with a similar condition. Of course... it's a statue of a very famous Elf. A very corrupted elf. Ashara.We go back and forth between theories and raid strats while we comb the raid for faces. As we head back into Avatars room and reinspect the faces we catch one more oddity. Perhaps the face in the far back of the room was protected from fel corruption by the pillar? Perhaps it's just lifeless while the others still have some living essence to them? And why is that face missing from over the door - an odd sort of connection pod hole remains.Its 3AM now. I've got work in 5 hours. As we log out Huggum suggests I review the Kil'jaeden video for one last clue he sees. It's unreal. Where does Valen place his hand when comforting Kil'Jaeden? You don't have to guess... you already know.When Demons die, they return to the void. After regenerating they can be summoned back out from the void to continue their goals. So why is Kil'jaeden's eye damaged? Shouldn't his body have regenerated in the void? Huggum made two interesting suggestions on this. Firstly, death is probably a traumatic experience for demons. He may have taken damage to his eye in some battle and it was not worth going back into the void to regenerate it. Secondly... perhaps it was self inflicted. Perhaps he tore at his own eye when trying to resist Sargeras' power. When Valen touches Kil'jaeden right eye before he explodes... did that free him from the void? Is Kil'jaeden gone forever?Every fel corrupted character in this raid has SOMETHING going on with their right eyes. What is Blizzard trying to tell us? What clues have I missed? Reddit... our community can solve this. Keep an eye out for more dots we can connect.

Valeera Sanguinar

The adorable tale about meeting a newbie.

Hello Reddit!As a nice change of pace I will tell you this funny little story about meeting a completely new player.It may not be relevant or anything in light of recent events but I really want to share this with you. Okay so, throwback to little over a week ago.7.2.5 had just dropped, and with all the changes and unbalance there, I decided to have a little break from my main Mage to go and have a little fun with an alt.I decided to roll a paladin, because I have never really played it in any meaningful setting, and I really like the theme of that class.So after buying some heirlooms, bags, enchants and all that good stuff for it, I ran that little bulky human booty trough Elwynn forest in less then a few hours. (y'know, as you do with alts these days..) After hitting ye ole lvl15, I decided to go tank some dungeons.Btw, this was also the way I found out they redid some of those low level ones? Pretty neat.Before hitting that instant queue though, I decided to spruce my characters look up a little. I tossed together a little sharp looking loom set and got that movie event shield and sword into the mix as well.Having just aquired the Timelord title I decided to have that little Chronos illusion on my sword and voila: I looked like a derpy, timetravelling power ranger. So after instantly clicking "enter dungeon" (hah), I zone into the old famous Ragefire Chasm. It had been 3-4 years since I last saw the place.Inside I'm presented with the team consisting of 3 loomed, irrelevant alts probably doing the same thing as I was, and a starter gear clad newbie. What class? Well, a hunter of course, what else. So I toss the good ol avengers shield out, and start on the first pack.Immediatly, our young aspiring new hunter walks up to me. After just sorta standing there for a bit, I presumed that he was probably either typing something or forgot where he bound his attack button.I chuckled at the sight of him, wearing those stylish fel-green starter boots and that matching intense yellow cape, toting around that first grey crossbow you get somewhere. After a little while he proclaimed: "wooooooaaaww" in /s, and starts asking millions of questions about what I was, how I got here, what that yellow thing was I threw, why my sword was all purple, and where to get my shield, he was like a waterfall of words.I decided to not be a dickwad and tell him to find out what google was, as I have not seen an actual newbie in soooo long.So I answered all of his questions and even told him he had a pet ressurection button, which he had obviously forgotten about. I figured I would just let him have his growl on as explaining that to him seemed harder than slamming a revolving door; he would find out some day. Anyway, after running through the place with this guy following me true like a duckling, he decided he would do another dungeon with me.He must have stuck with me for at least 2-3 hours.In this time I told him everything I know about the absolute metric asston of things he was curious to know.I told him about the classes and what they did, about how gigantic the world was, what raids were, how he could actually find more buttons in his spellbook, what talents/specs were and I explained how he didn't actually have to physically aim his character to hit stuff with his new crossbow.I purposefully however, did not tell him about lvl 100 boosts or heirloom gear. No need to ruin someone's game. After my guildies asked me for help with a few keys on discord, I told him I had to leave.He asked if I could help him find his way back into the large city he had been in, because he had literally tried to swim across the sea to Durotar, and kinda got horribly lost in the process.After inviting him I gave him a lift on my Sandstone Drake, which I think literally blew his mind, as he was actually physically cheering in /s as we flew over Westfall towards Stormwind.After adding him to my friendlist I bid farewell to him, as he thanked me a million times for what he said was the best evening of his life. After returning to my Mage parked in Dalaran I genuinly felt a little empty inside, I actually truly miss being a newbie and having so many things to learn and discover.We often forget about how wonderous this game is and how much there is to see, as we lose ourselves in the grind.For this reason, I have decided to ditch all the loom gear on my paladin alt and not read any guides whatsoever on playing it. Maybe it will somehow rekindle that feeling just a tiny bit. And so ends this wonderful tale about a newbie.It was a fun and eye opening experience, and I hope you liked the read! Cheers, Deer

Doing a random heroic now gives Writhing Essence

WoW Class Design AMA - June 2017

Hi everyone!Today, starting at 1:00 p.m. Pacific, about 2 hours from this post, we’ll be here answering your questions with several members of the World of Warcraft development team who have a particular focus on class design, item design, Artifacts, and PvP balance.The developers are:/u/Sigma_WoW/u/Arempy_WoW/u/Seph_WoW/u/Nimox_WoW/u/Solanis_WoW/u/Forge_WoWAdditionly, /u/Kaivax and I (/u/devolore) will be here, helping out as much as we can.Of course, a special shoutout to the /r/wow mods is in order as well! Thank you for helping us organize this and get it running.Again, we’ll begin answering questions starting at about 1:00 p.m. Pacific, but please feel free to start submitting questions now.We’re really looking forward to chatting with everyone today!

Legion: The Beginning and the End

DAE not really understand mechanics until you experience them?

I feel like either everyone's going to say "of course" or everyone's going to say "fuck no, are you an idiot?" but I really don't know which it is. I always read up on fights, but I never really "get" what's going to happen until I try it.

#1 rule in raids

[OC] Drawing of my Night Elf Death Knight!

The Saddest Little Landmass in all of Azeroth

If Gul'dan was resurrected by the scourge, would he become known as...

Ghoul'dan?:Explodes in fel:

[Spoilers] Azeroth is flat PROOF. OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE.

Kil'jaeden! The Lich King seeks for revenge!

Leaked pictures of the next expansion

Made this for my guild, sharing here as well. Writhing Essences Infographic.

World First... Illidan kill?

Hidden boss/rooms in TOS? (giant red worm found when falling through floor in tos)

WoW's attention to detail, Dreamwalk edition.

Relevant: I'm a druid. Recently I've been doing older Loremaster achievements, starting with the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. As part of the Kalimdor achievement I did Feralas quest chain. As a part of the quest chain I had to use Ysera's Seal to block off the path to Feralas from the Emerald Dream. Cool, done.Today I've decided to do the fires for the festival. For those who don't play druids, we access our class hall via an ability called Dreamwalk, which ports us to a separate map with a gateway to Val'Sharah. It also has a number of other portals, corresponding to the old Emerald Dream portals+Grizzly Hills. Not sure about other druids, but I almost never use those other portals. Today, however, I decided to port to Feralas. And... I couldn't. The quest I did in Feralas put the barrier on the frikin Dreamwalk portal. There was also an option to remove it.Just thought the interplay between an obscure questline in the old world and a Legin druidic feature was really cool.

Monk AMA Prep

Hey everyone, its Babylonius, main community figure/leader/spokesman/whatever you call me for Windwalker Monks (and to a much lesser extent Monks as a whole), Author/Creator of (Formerly WalkingTheWind), Former Mod of MMOChampion, and Admin/Mod of Monk DiscordWith the Class Developer AMA happening tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling on what the community wants to ask about Monks.I will be taking some of these questions and posting them myself with the hope that maybe my questions are more likely to be picked out and seen. Although, everyone is more than welcome to post any questions you have in the AMA thread tomorrow.How this thread should work:Post any questions you have for the Developers in the correct spec section, understanding the recommended behavior rules below. Brewmaster | Mistweaver | WindwalkerIf you see a question you want asked, upvote it. Please don't downvote questions you don't want asked unless it is antagonistic.I will be using the questions asked here as a guideline for what to ask tomorrow and hope that Blizzard sees.There's no guarantee that I will use the top rated, all, or any of the questions posted here, that Blizzard will respond to any of my questions, or that anything will come from this. But if you have been around me, you know I prefer calm, collected, action to ranting and raving.Brewmaster | Mistweaver | WindwalkerCopied from the main AMA thread about behavior:We are very lucky that we enjoy a good relationship with Blizzard and their employees. Like all good relationships we have ups and WoDs downs, but it's important to maintain respect and even politeness even when we're unhappy about things in the game. To put it clearly, if you are antagonistic to any member of the Blizzard team during this AMA, you will be removed from the conversation, and you will receive a ban of at least 30 days, with the possibility of it being permanent. Here are some examples of good and bad questions (as a frustrated person might express them):Good: The state of windwalker monks is really frustrating right now. Do you have any plans for monks in the near future, or is it just reroll time?Bad: Do you guys even know anything about class balance? Monks are broke. Fix them.Permaban: Fuck these devs!Also, please note the topics that Blizzard is here to talk about and talk about those topics.