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Asking for gear in Nighthold

Artistic Rendition of my tauren, constructive critisism is appreciated

Hayven's close friend, HeelvsBabyface, responds to his passing.

AP and you - how the grind (barely) matters, and you really shouldn't stress before tomb.

So, I figured this could use a topic on it's own after reading the Asmongold-topic last night and commenting there, just to get some visibility on the facts of the current way AP and traits are working.To start with, let's list some base facts:1: Trait growth.Every trait level is equal to what you farmed for the previous level, +30% (plus/minus 1% for rounding errors). This is a constant, and furthermore, it means that to increase your traits by 5 levels, you will have to farm 4x as much AP as the total you've already farmed.As a concrete example of this:52 For concordance is 2163M Artifact power.57 for 6 concordance traits (2k+5x200 = 3k stats) is 8287M Artifact power - or a little under 4x as much (about 300M, but as a rule of thumb, this should suffice).By 62, you will need to gather an additional 32B artifact power.As you can see, this scales quickly and wildly out of control.To combat this, we have ;#2: Artifact Knowledge.AK Also goes up with 30% per rank (give or take a few percent every level for rounding errors, again).What this means is that if we assume all raiders that care about the grind had 54 traits on release with 26 AK, which was then converted into 40 traits (39+5M for 1), we can roughly estimate that for each AK level, we get one trait - especially as we get deeper into the tree.To elaborate: The effort of going 40-41 with 26 AK, is the same as going 50-51 with 36 Ak, or 60-61 with 46 AK. At 50 AK, we hit the "wall" - no more AK boosts means that after going 64-65, things will start to become really slow, very quickly. Again, by the time you hit 70, you'll have quadrupled your AP gains just getting to 65, but with no AK boost to help.Now, some people will be "ahead" of this curve - I'm on 48 traits at 31 AK, while I "should" only be on 45-46. That means if I keep up at the same pase (2x levels ahead of my AK boost), I will hit my wall at around 67 traits, rather than 65.3: But it's a powerup; Gotta get it, right?Now let's put the gains into perspective. Lets assume you're a DPS - you will value procs the most (they're already less important for healers and tanks to start with due to the nature of their roles).The Concordance spell has a 1.37 RPPM, with a 10 second duration. Accounting for some haste, I think it's safe to put the uptime at around 25%, if that's not lowballing it a bit. For haste heavy specs (shadow priest, fury warrior) it'll be higher, due to high amount of haste etc.Now, at it's base, it has a 2K mainstat proc. Every trait adds 200 to that power. This means that for 5 traits, a quadrupling in AP, mind you, you get 1K Int/Agi/Str on your proc - with a 25% uptime. That's 250 main stats for FOUR TIMES the AP. This will seem bigger at the start where the proc is relatively modest - however, when you hit the "wall" at 65 traits, your proc will be 4.6K mainstat. Adding 1K to this to get 70 is "only" a growth in proc-size of around 21% (the relative strength remains the same - 250 mainstat per 5 levels, but the perceived strength becomes much smaller; The proc still has HEAVY impact with 4.6K vs 5.6K, as compared to 2k vs 3k).4: So what about the short-term?Short-term, you'll want to reach Concordance before Tomb. However, that's "only" 2.2B AP. To put that into perspective, Tomb is supposed to hit around AK43; At that point, a single M+10 cache and a NH heroic clear will grant you well over 700M AP (or around 1/3 of the total required for concordance). No world quests, no nothing - 1/3 of the way just by a heroic raid and a M+10 that everyone should want to do anyway. Getting to 57-58 before tomb will be easy; It'll require the same effort as going 40-41 each level if you take it slow. But slacking right now doesn't really matter, because the catch up is so freaking extreme.5: And long term?I think it's safe to say that the standard, when Ak50 has been reached, will be 65-70 traits. Anything beyond that is an INSANE grind for almost no gains. Likewise, you're safe to go put AP into offspecs and secondary specs right now, or if you want, when you reach 52 for concordance in a months time; The catch up before tomb will be so massive that the 2B AP you put in a secondary weapon can be grinded back in a day or two on the release-week of tomb, and you'll have competent offspecs to boot. You're also better off keeping an alt well geared and traited, rather than spending all your time on your main, because the catch up simply makes any farm you're doing right now super fucking irrelevant.TL;DR - Blizzard succeeded. Concordance is such a small gain and has such a steep buildup that you won't want to kill yourself farming it. The difference between opening week of 60 and 6 weeks in at 67 with the extra 7 AK levels is so miniscule that it won't matter. Rejoice, for you are free.

I can't think of a better way to get to work and back. Thanks to Swiss Network coverage and, playing WoW at 6000 ft, crossing the Alps.

TFW you complete the mage tower only to realise your appearance clips through the floor.

Last Video - Rest in peace, Hayven

I believe it's time to bring back proving grounds...with a twist.

Instead of healing/dps/tanking, it should be "not pulling". You get rooms full of trash and you literally just have to walk around it without pulling since this concept is foreign to so many people.Inspired by people still pulling Cenarius trash in pugs 6 months into the xpac.

How I feel playing a warrior in Legion

come see the broken shore

This has to be one of the strangest ways to try and recruit someone to your guild..

The last two expansions should really be called, "People running away when you're about to kill them while you sit there in a scripted stun."

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When helping Addie with her hunter training, she suggested we take a S.E.L.F.I.E. Never thought she'd actually pose for it, though! Nice little detail, blizz

Now that we have flying in Legion, can we make flying easier to unlock in Draenor?

Why gate this content for an older expansion?

@blizzard - Can we please have a "jump to skyhold" here?If you're not going to fix this disconnect issue,it's the least you can do.

Not even close baby

I just got the new bear form, and it has no /dance.

Literally unplayable.

I noticed that on the Broken Shore there is a Horde banner in the place where Vol'jin took the mortal blow that he later succumbed to in Orgrimmar.

I wish Blizzard could just decide on a date format instead of this...

When your class is getting no 7.2.5 changes or dev posts

I've been playing this game for 10 years now. It's grown just as much as I have.

Since we will be able to mog Warglaves can we fix this please?

At Blizzard

The Reformed Alliance background.

Completed a mythic +12 last week and got a mythic +2 keystone in the weekly chest. This is a GM's response.

We need a pet battle app.

I'd friggin love to be able to pet battle on my phone.

I leave my seat to get a drink and I come back to this

That childlike wonder of getting close to an Achievement and feeling all giddy and excited

It'd be nice to be able to Obliterate dauntless/relinquished gear into nethershards.

Especially all the blue tokens that drop from random mobs. Even if it's like 250 for blue 500 for purple's.It'd give another reason to use the forge. Hell, maybe even allow grinders their freedom to farm mobs endlessly.They already have a system like that in place with Gladiator gear.Thoughts?edit woke up to this on the front page of r/wow! Cool!A lot of good discussion in here. I completely forgot about the keys. Which is another means of acquisition however, completely tied to RNG.

Recently started learning 3D Modeling, wanted to share this with you :)

Its the little things that make WoW an amazing MMO. Keep it up Blizz!

And so the grind begins...

Welp. I am out of ideas.

I apploud whomever wrote this quest.

Blood elves are my favourite race to draw, here's a recent picture I did of one.

Thanks for giving him a mount, but I'm not sure this is correct..

"Alright you little baby owlbeasts listen up here's what we're gonna do"

When you want to be stylish but also want to look like Durumu the forgotten

All my years of playing WoW, and I had no idea you could ride a log down the river of Grizzly hills.

I found this weird vendor in booty bay

In case you were wondering, THIS thing will kill you.

Blizzard, with all the transmog stuff coming in patch 7.2.5, can we please allow white items to be transmoggable?

They are often really cool in their simplicity (just plain mail armor for instance), and even though most of them are pretty low rez, there are som hiddens gems out there that I would love to be able to transmog (belf armor vendors, and panda starting swords come to mind).Sometimes you don't want to look like a champion of azeroth, sometimes you just want to wear something nice and practical.

Maybe he just hasn't heard of me before

DHs with Warglaives achievement on any character will get the appearance when they defeat TW Illidan. No need to farm them on your DH if you already have them!

I was browsing my old GM tickets and found this salty gem


Why are Hunters bad at photography?!

It's been almost 5 years since blizzard said an 'appear offline' option is coming to app