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WoW has helped my brain

Earlier this year I cracked my skull open in two places and suffered two brain hemorrhages due to the violent blow. I became deaf on one ear and some reduced hearing on the other. Lost my balance and had to learn to walk again with a deatroyed semicircular canal. Lost alot of cognitive abilities aswell. Have had alot of "down time" and World of Warcraft been something to do while processing this shit show of a year. The gameing itself has also helped me alot with reganing some reaction time, cognitive reactions like prioritizing, avoiding mechanics and so on. In my 13 years of playing wow I never thought it would ever function as a kind of rehabilitation.So, today i finaly managed to complete the mage tower artifact challange for my outlaw rogue after countless atempts. Finaly managed to react to, and prioritize, the godamn imp shit storm and fucking got the skin. Im not fishing for pity, I just wanted to show how this game has helped me with my cognitive functions and that for some people its just not something to do when bored.Tldr: wow helped my damaged brain

How I feel doing world content as a healer


I made a little Ragnaros fan-art... Who knows, maybe he's just shy after all.


So... how do I get into Thunder Bluff? :(


I used to give out free guild tabards to new members, but now it seems they're BoP. Still have 5 in the old guild bank though, makes me sad I won't be able to do that anymore. :(


I want to show you guys something I did, hope you'll like it


That feel when you meet someone who shares your interests... but your Order Halls would never approve.


TIL if you click on Magni enough to hear his voice lines, he'll eventually say "It's clobberin' time!"

I was doing this right before Coven and it was a nice little nod to the Thing (from Fantastic 4).

It is possible to survive landing in the Dalaran fountain without taking fall damage


Thirsty for Kul Tiras


How to get to 60 killing only boars in 7.3.5

First you can start off simple by killing any of the 1-20 Elwynn boars. Now that that’s out of the way you’re gonna head over to Duskwood and kill Blackbelly foragers, depending on how these scale you may get to level 60. If they only last you until 40 don’t worry cause I got your back, bud! You’re gonna head on over to the blasted lands and farm the Ashmane boars. If they do a weird cutoff at 58 for BC content get over to hellfire and do kill some felboars but I doubt they’d do that so the Ashmane’s should get you to 60. Congrats, you just wasted an insane amount of time getting to 60 in a manner that while semi entertaining for viewers (but definitely not you) has gained you nothing except maybe like a few minutes of relative fame in a semi popular video gaming subreddit, but probably not you basically just wasted even more of your life than what you usually do getting to 60, but does it really matter, was your life really headed somewhere? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

When I see stuff like this...


Due to the massively positive response to my "Owen Wilson Wow" Weak Aura, I made a new addon that makes it even easier to add sounds to your crits!

I'd first like to say that I'm super happy and grateful for the positive response my WA has gotten. Thank you!I designed my addon to act more like a tool with base functionality and added "audio packs" on the side for people to pick and choose from while making it very easy install and to choose from while in game.All downloads below are also available via Curse/Twitch client; just search "Sweetsour"Official Addon PageInstructional VideosUsage Demo VideoHow to make custom packsIntroductory Audio PacksMurlocs (Demo)Michael Jackson (Demo)Piano Keys (Demo)Owen Wilson (Demo)EDIT: r03 update includes "Absorb", "Block", "Dodge", and "Parry" defensive events :)

I'm helping!


Look out everyone, I DO play wow


When someone says the "Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker" joke isin't funny


So I tried out the Owen Wilson "wow" WA on my SPriest


"shhh ... I told her it was Mozart."


Janina here, (from the live action Hearthstone video)! Wanted to share a closer look at my paladin armor, crafted by Thingergy!


The only one that really matters.




"What are you hiding?" Well...


Meatball dropped a premature execution of a quest NPC, so Velen had to RP dialog with a shredded pile of meat.


Everytime iam fighting against Skovald and he throws away the aegis after using it..


Not many features to get hyped about in BFA except..


I don’t think Sylvia understands who I am


Last ditch effort to save the universe. Go, little guy, go!


Limits 5th healer DDOS other healers in order to get raid spot


I talked to the Inn keeper in the Vindicaar after killing Argus, she doesn't want us around anymore.


Found the raid leader.


I killed him in Dalaran underbelly pvp while he was fighting someone else (im a panda rogue)


With a Giant Hilt Sticking Out of Azeroth Someone Could Use it Like a Weapon


It seems Blizzard has upgraded the Yak mount.




Mildly interesting: This NPC uses his staff as a walking stick.


Mythic Argus New Phase 40%


TIL that Neptulon will solo Ozumat in Throne of the Tides if you let him

Was trying to get an achievement on my 110 tank. Accidentally killed the unyielding mob and thought another one might spawn during the Ozumat encounter. I got up to ~250 stacks and Neptulon solo'd Ozumat down to ~10% HP, Ozumat ran away and I was able to loot the cache at the end.TIL!

This is why i raid


Walking around my order hall I noticed this funny bit of dialogue when talking to two different NPCs


I reached lvl85 in my first month playing WoW :)




Leveled my first DPS class to 110. As someone who only plays tanks and healers it’s insane how different the game is with 20+ minute queue times for everything.

Ho. Lee. Crap.This is your life? I’m starting to understand some of that pent-up DPS rage that spills over to the Internet now!It almost feels like a different MMO but skinned to look just like WoW! Instant queues for everything have ruined me. Maining a healer is def rainbows and sunshine compared to this. >_

Something's not quite right...




Method Sco with an update to their Argus progression


It's been seven years! Someone HELP this man!


Minimalist guide to ret paladin


I really hope, for BFA, that Blizzard creates lore characters in the correct size.

It was much more immersive being the same size as Tyrande and not having her be 20 feet tall for once.I personally find it very silly that some characters are made to be super huge, it's completely immersion-breaking. I mean, look at this. He was supposed to be slightly taller than my character, but I end up looking like a child next to him.I know most people don't really care, but I've always found it to be weird.

Can I get in on the screencap recreation? Brewfest with a friend, left photo 2010, right photo 2016.