Finally got Kirin Tor tattoo ✨

Trying to do RBGs like

What happened to the new Death Grip animations that were supposed to come in 7.2? Can we at least have them as optional glyphs?

What is that book Holy Paladins have?

It's a light novel.

I've been waiting in this line for nine years.

Wowhead has become a seething pile of malicious script.

Wowhead was my friend for a decade. I don't know what has happened since ZAM took over but it is trying to feed malicious scripts, slowing scripts and everything else you don't want a website to be stuffing your browser with.If this is how they get people to buy premium; by making their site worthlessly slow or even dangerous to people who don't pay up, I'll pass.

New hairstyle combinations in the 7.3 caster animations blog?

[Fan Art] Illidan & Sylvanas desktop decorations I made!

Would there be any value to the community in a well written guide for Weak Auras?

As I get more involved with the community and class discords I'm finding people struggle with these, usually because they don't wanna use the existing ones for what ever reason. Most of the YouTube videos on the topic are long winded and more complicated than they need to be.I love playing with these so I'd be keen to take requests for and make up custom ones and teach people along the way, probably in blog form.If there's any desire for this I'll be all over it lol

We had a one year memorial service for King Varian Wrynn.

Thanks for the warning

MFW I quested through Northrend back to back on 8 different characters with very little sleep

New to WoW, why are Hunters a meme?

Hi.As the title says, I just bought wow and made a Hunter because I like ranged DPS. But my friends are saying Hunters are a meme and saying Huntard, why are Hunters such a meme, and should I play something else for Ranged DPS?

I always loved this set. Even better with Argus.

[Shadowform] reduced to an outline on the latest PTR

Found a clam smoking a pipe!

I'm happy for all you casters and your new animations but when are worgen going to get helmets they can actually wear?

Not sure if this has been posted before. Some "reading" material in the bathroom.

Argus. Literally just a picture of Argus. No bullshit, no fucking landscapes or good backgrounds, just a regular fucking picture. I didn't even get creative with it, this was literally the first image that I came across when searching for "Argus" then putting world warcraft filter on Google Images.

Arthas Menethil, the Lich King Papercut Shadowbox by me!

Got paired up with a shaman and a rogue. Their names perfectly make my name.

Won the Missmatched mog theme... best. theme. ever.

I love this game. Some things never get old.

The face of goblin technology

I stitched the Outland Zone maps together

The Trial of Style is amazing and I hope Blizzard builds on it.

The concept of it is grand and the fact that I, as someone who collects so much transmog gear, have much more reason to keep trying over and over on my alts to try and collect the armor sets. It's been a joy doing it with friends, making new ones, and laughing at our clown suits and applauding others for how awesome they look.I hope this is something Blizzard can totally work on and expand wider and wider with new armor sets and all of that. Would be great to look forward to it and give me more reason to continue collecting transmog as a whole!

If you're a mage, and you create portals during the Trial of Style, the odds are good that at least ONE of your competition won't be able to resist the urge to click on one.

True story

"Alright guys, focus up now"

TIL: ingame chat is NOT to communicate, and you shouldn't answer people that whisper you (/s)

Trial of Style in a nutshell.

So this is what Khadgar is doing in his free time...

I know I shouldn't have laughed... but I did.

FriendshipSpellwing - 7.3 Heroic Mount

Hello All,Some of you may remember me from FriendshipMoose towards the end of WoD. With the information and PTR going on with 7.3, it appears that there will be a mount drop similar to the Grove Warden for defeating the final boss on Heroic. If that is the case, I definitely will be doing what I can to assist the community in getting their Violet Spellwing for free before the next expansions comes out.Since there is still a lot of time before a movement like this begins, I will continue to look for updates to see if any information on this mount changes. My Discord and/or Twitter will be where I keep updates about this movement the most and I welcome anyone to join our Discord. I will be happy to answer any questions that the community may have on this movement as well.I am hoping that we can help even more people around this time, compared to FriendshipMoose. I will also be looking into more efficient ways where we can get people in and out of the raid to help more people at any given time. I'm also open to any suggestions that the community may have to making this movement an even better experience.Hope to see and help a lot of you soon in 7.3!-Zelse

For The Horde!

The Trial of Style mail set looks like something from a starting zone vendor

Saw this at LFR KJ tonight

Gamescom Schedule is out! Day 1: Blizzard Reveal Ceremony!

Now listen here you Fel Kittens here's the plan on defeating Avatar... No come back here... darn it.

I learned how to rock climb during Mythic Gorroth

I still yearn for the day when these halls are filled with people again.

Trial of Style is serious business

Warlock Commission

Portrait of Heroes in World of Warcraft by Angju

My girlfriend added these paintings for my "man corner"!!!

You can use transmogrify for free during Trial of Style event!

Why does this happen when im doing old dungeons? If there's no healer and I can queue as one, make me the healer not the dps

We will finish what we started 10 years ago during TBC!

So happy to finally add this to my collection!

I thought this was kind of cute, reminded me of old times when people asked each other for help more often.