Remember the Festergut-Artwork? Here's more! :D

Arcane Elemental I made today

Mysterious odd super tiny blinking crystal in Booty Bay

Yearly request that this be made a permanent mount (even if you can't instantly mount)

reminder: the wicket witch daily is up in Val'Sharah

I know this is late, but I wanted to share the "Guild Bank" secret-santa gift I made for our guild leader last year.

Matching brooms

Now I know why the AV book for Corrupted Ashbringers goes for 50k+ on my server

An interesting discussion over at /r/DestinyTheGame about Destiny 2 being a case study of why World of Warcraft 2 would be a bad idea.

The best toy in the game has its cooldown shortened to 1 hour during Hallow's End!

How do you clean up a Cataclysm?

With a MOP!Badum tss

I'm always suspicious of the legion

I started work on my first addon one year ago. It manages artifact power items and tracks artifact progress for all specs. I am now looking for feedback to help me improve it!

Really, Blizz?

Saw this on DeviantArt; thought it looked like Khadgar having a mid-life crisis

taking selfies with my buddy Khadgar

My work place asked me for a logo to put on my nameplate. Everyone else in my department uses their favorite American football team. Here’s mine:

Hallows end in a nutshell

Headless Horseman's Reins can only be obtained from epic-quality boxes

I'd totally buy that pet.

Our mage cook keeps finding new places to put the feasts just to piss us off.

Women love this guy! (and i want his ... title too)

Stormwind gates drawn by me! artwork 2

I forgot how beautiful this game was until this moment.

5 years after being rebuilt and Danath's statue still doesn't have a Hallow's End hat

Nice of Khadgar to invite us over for some Apexis Crystals, eh Luigi?

DDOS / B.Net Outage

Edit: Outage confirmed: else unable to get in? I'm in a queue for WoW and the launcher that never ends. The queue timer goes to <1 min but never stops. Blizzard sites aren't loading either.Haven't seen any posts about this on the official site, twitter, etc.

When you resub after a long break and do your first WQ for 753 million AP

Why could this bow not be in the weapons of the lightforged arsenal?

I removed the WoW logo from this Garrosh art to make my wallpaper. Though I'd share since I didn't find any on google image

Update 8.0 on Beta !!

10 years later I still hope that one day Magic Broom will become a permanent mount

The quest log cap made me do something terrible today

Little flying Naxxramas is this year's pet from Hallow's End!

Increase the quest log size plz.

This is by far the most annoying aspect of the game to me. There are just so many damn quests in the game now, and the concept of only being able to carry 25 at a time is blowing my mind.25...How has this not driven the community mad yet?

Was looking up artifacts until Prophet Valen showed me his other game.

Is it opposite day?

A member of my guild drew this picture and i wanted to share it with you guys

Would anyone watch a video series on WoW's cozy/memorable places?

one of the reasons that World of Warcraft keeps drawing me back is the world that Blizzard has crafted over the last 10 years. between the ambiance, soundtrack, and setting Azeroth is one of the most heartfelt places to me. While I don't play a lot, Azeroth still resonates with me daily. My playlists have the soundtrack, and my favorite way to study is curled around my PC with a warm mug of coffee listening to the tavern tracks.The video series would include but not be limited to:Ambiance videos of Azeroth's cozy nooks and cranniesSome Lore/RP elements about the areaadded atmosphere sounds like campfires and windstorms for that extra bit of immersionWhat do you guys think? I'm going to do these videos regardless for myself. I feel it will refresh my outlook on Azeroth and see wow for more than just it's mechanics. It would be cool if other people enjoyed them too though.After all this, I decided to start a youtube channel. Criticisms welcome!

The smoothest m+ run I've ever done

With a new expansion likely TBA at Blizzcon, what are your hopes for your class?

So we know Blizzard loves to completely rework classes every expac, and I'm sure 8.0 will be no exception.So with this xpac what are you hoping for your class and spec?For me as just a general 'dream' would be that casters could be way more mobile, like casting while moving, like back in MoP days.

My wife said that she hated when players killed the cheetah and her cub in the entrance to The Barrens. So while we were leveling our alts, I adopted both.

Razorscale in ulduar

When doing the Death Knight scenario - love such little jokes

Working on a Legion non-gear content list, feedback welcome!

WoW on a good pc for the first time

For the first time since I started playing about 9 years ago I've finally bought a really good pc that can run WoW on 10. It's like a whole different game! Just spent ages flying around marvelling at things. I can actually see mechanics like the Naraxas breath!!Anyway I'm super excited about experiencing this whole new world of warcraft so I felt like sharing.

Made a ToS HC group. Someone wasn't happy with a chirpy description.

Can we please be able to change skin color? I mean. I can change my entire face already

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If you double jump as a DH with the slowfall buff on you, you disconnect.

100% reproduction. That is all.

Blizzard, thank you for Mythic+

Just wanted to express my appreciation for the addition of increasingly challenging small group content that Mythic+ provides. Speaking as someone who mostly stays within his small circle of friends ingame, I love that we can band together for a fun challenge without needing 15 other people. Not to mention that as a personal preference Ive always found dungeon tanking more fun than any other role I've tried. Mythic+ is definitely not perfect and can always use refinement in certain areas, but I'm glad to see challenging small group content as a thing now.Thanks Blizzard!