My Wrathion cosplay from Momocon!

Beta Players, does the future look hopeful?

Hubby and I have been going back and forth on WoW for years. We met playing during Wrath, and it has always been a big part of our lives. Like many others, we've taken breaks during the really rough dry spells, like at the end of MoP and WoD. We've enjoyed raiding and many, many of the other amazing aspects of this game. Now, onto the real bits.Warlords kind of hurts us. I know, how squishy are we?! But seriously, we were feeling super excited about it after the drought that came from the gap at the end of Mists. My husband was so bothered by it, he actually said he was done permanently. I convinced him to hear me out, as I gave him every bit of information and detail I could find about Warlords. He was hooked by the time release hit.We had a blast leveling and raiding through the first tiers. Sadly, we saw the decline happening, and we started losing guild members and regular raiders. They were bored, we were bored, and 6.1 was a pretty heavy let down. Overall, we all felt like the expansion was super lacking, and it didn't take long for us and many of our friends to quit again.We've both subbed back a couple of times since then, to get flying and dink around. We never came back full swing, but we are definitely wanting to for Legion. My husband is less optimistic than I, and he thinks it's going to be a waste of time. His honest belief is that we are going to see a repeat of WoD, because he believes that is the new standard for WoW. Now I'm looking into Beta hard, hoping to see something to really up his spirits and give him real hope.Neither one of us got into Beta, and that's okay. No complaints here. I've been watching streamers, videos, reading forum after forum, but I cannot find what I need. I want you guys, the ones who got into Beta and hit end-game again, to help me out. Tell us what you think of it. How are World Quests? Do they just feel like a different type of dailies? Are artifacts a big enough deal that they really make the expansion feel full? I'm not here for balance complaints. Blizz rarely gets that right and discussions often just lead to arguments. I want to know about all class halls and the new follower system. Does this stuff feel good and like something that will keep players going, or is it like WoD?I know I'm asking for a lot of opinions, but I think it will help. I want honesty and real thoughts, not the stuff that is sugar coated. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!TL;DR: If you have beta access and have gotten well into the meat of the expansion, please share your thoughts and feelings on it. I want to know!

What terrible customer service...

World of Warcraft Gold Over Time - What Is It Really Worth?

Browsing pornhub for you know what when suddenly, a guild recruitment ad!

What haunts the Hozen?

The Baba-dook.

Just did Vash'jr for the first time, and my it was a treat!

I made sure to not go back to Stormwind until I got to the part where I finally reach the boats. Being underwater for many hours doing the quests makes the final part where we break the surface to give a signal to the nearby ships was amazing.People were telling me that it was going to suck as a melee character, but I did this on my rogue and it was very fun! I'm sad to think about the fact that fan reactions mean that we won't have more full 3-d zones in the future :(

When you want to love Random BGs but you cant.

When your dungeon queue pops but there's only 14 minutes left.

Won a competition to see the new Warcraft waxworks at Madame Tussauds before general release, and got to meet Duncan Jones and some of the cast too as a surprise!

My first Rare Order Hall Mission on Legion

Really enjoyed finding this memorial in the Drag

WarcraftLFG is out of beta. Looking for a guild or new members? We got you covered.

Lok'Tar Ogar! Legion will soon be upon us and we worked hard to help you be prepared for it. Today Warcraftlfg is out of beta, with the addition of a few new features that were highly requested. Warcraftlfg is a website allowing you to find a guild or more players by aggregating data from multiple sources. Our goal is to provide you with meaningful information to help your search. Our main features so far:A robust set of filters for allSecured authentication to Blizzard Battle.Net APIAggregated Data from Warcraftlogs and WoWProgressGuild permission: By default only the guild leader and officers can now edit your guild. We also smashed most bugs and added a few new features with our official release:Chat: Easily contact a player/guild through our site as long as they are registered on our website. No need to share your BattleTag anymore.Localization: Warcraftlfg is now fully translated in French. Would you like to help us translate the site to your language ? Head to Github and translate our locale file for us. We'll get it implemented asap.Email reminder: Remember that we only want to show current, up to date and fresh recruitment post on our website. Which is why we purge all Guild recruitment older than 4 months and all character recruitment older than 30 days. You can now opt in to receive an email reminding you to update your ad if you want to keep it active. But that's not all, we're still working on a few new features:A tag system, allowing you to customize further your search. (So you can tag your guild as a RP, or PvP or Gnome only. Your choice, we won't judge.)Email Notification: Your guild is looking for a Blood DK with an ilvl 666. As soon as a new one is added to the site, you'll get an email. And finally because some of you asked for it, we've added a way for you to support us maintaining our servers cost. You'll find more info on the website. But currently, your biggest support would be to keep sharing and using the website. <3 See you all in Legion!-Warcraftlfg

My wife and I decided to commemorate how we met with a pair of character portraits

Found on 4chan

Thok! (Hunter pet in Legion) - oh and new Spirit Beast Moose too

Metzenism - found in the Lore Subsection of MMO Champion.

With the release of the Warcraft movie, try to help out the newbies.

So I randomly got this curious quest while raiding. Sorry Blizzard, I'm a PvE guy.

Spent 10 month progressing through HFC for an herb collector machine. Totally worth it.

Since gnomes still can't be druids, my monk has been pretending she's feral

Made my day this morning. Now I gotta get the horde one

Lore: The nomads of Tanaris


Here's the winner of the /r/wow character portrait giveaway.

I think this healer suits me

Ravika is back in Legion, selling us some of the 5.3 toys and Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes again!

Damn, Riko goes hard...

TIL there's an NPC in the Garrison that replays all the cutscenes from questing and raiding throughout Draenor

Draenor treasures don't feel anywhere near as good as it feels to find one of these bad boys.

Duncan Jones: Warcraft has 40 minutes of cut footage

Temple of Elune doesn't seem to trust Demon Hunters much....

The barbershop has quite the view these days.

Warcraft hits 31.6 million USD over the weekend. #1 movie in all 20 countries. 45 more to come.

Muscle & Fitness magazine thinks we all live in our mom's basement.

Hodor and Bran enjoyed the movie. Kristian Nairn: "Got to see the @warcraftmovie with @Isaac_H_Wright this week. We both really enjoyed it! Thanks @ManMadeMoon for bringing Azeroth to life x"

Found a Slipknot reference on a rare spawn in Hillsbrad to their song Wait and Bleed.

Fire Mage Character Painting by Reddit User: gartean.

These people are really allowed to give movie reviews? I dont understand...

Blizzard's groundbreaking new take on escort quests

Warcraft: If there is a Love for the Movie, there will be an Extended Version!

In my love for house Stark, here are my direwolves :)

I've got your back Achimonde

At the release of Legion, players will be able to begin their flying achievement progress. Here's Part One.

[Legion][Addon] Making ActionCam features useful outside of combat

The fiend of a thousand faces. Cower before my true form. Bow down before the God of Death!