Maxed out lvl 3 Garrison and this perfectly good section is empty.

GOBLIN! Did you setup the camo yet! The Alliance must not know we are here!

*Gasp* The audacity of that balloon!

Epic Battle Pet Stones no longer planned

I fish when I'm bored or sick. And I've been really sick

Would leveling alts be more enjoyable if Heirlooms gradually changed their appearance during the leveling process?

One of the enjoyable aspects of leveling a character in an RPG is watching him "grow" and become more powerful. Part of this process includes his aesthetic changes as he changes from wearing lowly mundane looking gear which eventually gets traded out for more threatening and powerful looking gear. With heirlooms this part of the leveling process is non-existent.What would you think about having Heirlooms grows with your character? When a level 1 character dons an heirloom it could look like a slightly stronger version of normal level 1 gear. When he hits certain levels his gear will grow with him. I'm leveling an alt now and sometimes I want to just roll on pieces of armor because I'm tired of having largely the same appearance. Because some of the most visible pieces (Chest, helmet, shoulders and back) all have XP bonuses the cost of not equipping these heirloom pieces is rather high.I already hear a lot of people saying how they feel the leveling process is lacking in some areas. This might be a small change that could contribute something positive to the process.

The single coolest thing I did this Love is in the Air

Sylvanas fanart by itaxita

Why you lying?

That'll do, pig

Prepared WoW twitch channel closed

I'm not that huge on twitch, I watch one caster I like to watch for a RTS game.But hearing that prepared got his channel on twitch closed? Ha! It may only be a small victory, but I hope one day he can have his wow account closed too. Good riddance I say.

Old Maid (Dark Legacy)

PSA for Farming Legacy Raids.

You can quickly leave and re-enter Battle for Mt. Hyjal, Icecrown and others by listing yourself in the new group finder and then leaving group. You will then get ported to the grave yard without any CDs being used.Boosted my priest recently and it came in very handy at Battle for Mt. Hyjal for me today.

I'm helping ☺

9 Must Have Battle Pets in WoW

In Legion could we please have a static object we can click to reset CD's near training dummies?

I feel like this would be a nice QoL change that would really help people practicing their rotations / openers.

I haven't played the game in 15 minutes can anyone tell me what's changed?


Dear Blizzard, please add something like this.

Gold cap for transfering characters has been reverted back to 50k

Best explanation as to why higher levels grief lowbies that I had ever read.

Best Npc Motivation I've gotten so far

What if our followers aren't failing missions? What if, instead, Lt. Thorn is stealing the rewards?

Why, I never! The quest may have bugged, but that is NO way to talk to a lady!

Night Elf Rogue by Bogdan Tauciuc

Warcraft - Durotan (GIMP Digital Drawing)

[Vanilla] All but one server down

Still got my banner from Cata pre-event

So farming bots makes something so much easier

Our first kill on M Archimonde almost ended at 1%

Survey about your economic behaviour in WoW, I am an 3rd year student in a French political science school, and my project for this year's essay is to write about WoW's economy, especially as a potential "laboratory" for economic studies.It should only take you a few minutes to fill the survey. Don't hesitate to criticize some aspects of it, as I am very new at this. Thank you for your time !

Legion (Spoiler) This guy in Paladin Order Hall

Dude! This is Tirion's funeral!!

[Spoiler] Legion - NEW Fire Mage Artifact Effect

Dragonblight by Gaelle Seguillon (xpost /r/ImaginaryAzeroth)

So that just happened in Goldshire...

Brothers of Warcraft

So i decided to log on all my chars and add up /played time...

Playing a Ret Paladin

Can we get a Vendor Price on any of these?

I used to be the GM for a Moon Guard guild named Contra, and I was a Deathknight named Vaershé. One of my guild members I kept in touch with over the years sent me this by surprise. Needless to say I cried a few nostalgic tears.

What are some lesser known mods that you can't live without anymore?

For me, Quest plates is amazing and such novel idea, I have found that I hate playing without it now... So what are some hidden gems that you guys use?

When the Ayawasca hits too hard.

Hell of a statement, coming from a Draenei.

CarbotAnimations - WowCraft Ep26 Draenei Beginnings


What songs embody your class/spec?

I don't even play a shadow priest but this song sounds like some sort of old god battle hymn, especially the lyrics.Protection paladins

When your co-tank knows his job

What's one thing you want to see in Legion?

No text found

My latest WoW themed Twitter banner.

What's the juiciest WoW drama that happened on your server?

On my old server, a tank from our guild had feelings for a girl that he met in guild. They talked all the time in vent and they were that annoying couple that called each other sweetie and all those other barf inducing pet names. Well, the guy happened to be married and the girl knew this but it didn't stop them from meeting up. Long story short, she turned out to be a little person and failed to tell him.WELP, that didn't stop them from sleeping together. So after a few days, he logs in and tells us that she gave him an STD, failed to tell him she was a little person and she was also married. Suffice to say, it was very awkward when she finally logged in and he instantly gquit because she wouldn't.