@Blizzard, please fix tab targeting soon

dear blizzard, i hope you read this or at least are aware of it.somehow you've messed up tab targeting in one of the latest patches. it's getting really annoying. i'm a tank and i need to switch targets fast and i need consistency there.but very often tab targeting just won't work as it's supposed to. sometimes i have two mobs right in front of me. i want to switch between the two with tab. but instead of doing the logical thing of switching to the next mob that's right in front of me, the game targets a mob far away from me that's not even in combat.i'm aware there are addons that supposedly change tab targeting back to the old version but this just doesn't work. there are also some cvars that may fix it but they have been removed from the game. on top of that i don't even have the scan target feature bound to a key. it still applies to the standard "target nearest enemy" function.so, there are multiple things wrong with targeting. it really starts to get annoying, especially considering blizzard being such a huge company and charging for a product each month. i expect these things to work and if not they need to get fixed fast, not persist till the next major update.