Today, Saturday, my guild killed Mythic Nythendra and got 850 ilevel loot.

People got achievements for Mythic, the dungeon was definitely set on Mythic, and yet the gear was all ilevel 850. We've sent in a ticket just letting people know and also complaining about it.FAQ: Yes we have more than 20 people in our raid group, the 21st 22nd etc are outside the raid on the bench waiting to come in for the boss they need loot from.The title says Nythendra because I created this thread right after her but we kept going so I didn't get a screenshot.We reloaded to see if it was just a visual bug.Not a single peice of gear is warforging or titanforging, no gem sockets or tertiary stats.Screenshot with acheivements BranstonPicklez (our raid leader): "Also welcome to go to and look at past broadcasts. 10/29, about 2 hours in would be the mythic bosses."In the following screenshots look at the dbm chat saying it's Mythic.EDIT: Loot that just fell from trash was 850 also.edit: another screenshot from Elerethe