Short guide - Return to Kharazan bosses

I've been in this dungeon twice so far so i feel 100% competent and sure that this is the ONLY and BEST way to kill the bosses. /s First Boss - Opera house - Westfall story - MURLOCSThis is one of the easier bosses, simply dodge everything you see and kill everything you see.First Boss - Opera house - Wikkit Event Thanks to Zwatha2 Bosses that share health, AOE classes rejoice.Boss will leave purple swirlies on the ground, do not touch.Tank needs to pull boss around room away from swirlies.Monkeys hurt, kill monkeys.When boss starts super charge up spell, touch the purple swirlies to be launched into the air to avoid it.In this fight one of the primary mechanics is blaming your tank for everything that goes wrong.First Boss - Opera house - ???? EVENTHaven't done this so need someone to fill it in for me Second Boss - Maiden of virtue - big golden ladySpread / Stay 6 yards away from each other.Interrupt (You will need more than 1 person) ( Holy Shock ).Whoever gets a golden swirly ( Sacred Ground ) under him needs to drop it at the edge of the room. (It will grow quite a bit)When the boss starts casting ( Mass Repentance ) move into the golden pool and get out immediately. (You only need to get 1 stack of the debuff)After you are stunned and awoken, use cooldowns/burst damage to remove the shield on the boss and INTERRUPT her.Depending on your damage this should happen roughly 2-3 times. (Maybe once if you are really well geared). Third Boss - Moroes - The council fightUsing the traps obtained after clearing trash assign 3 people to trap 3 off the mini-bosses (Not Moroes)There are 2 traps in the room before the boss, 2 in the room with the boss, and 2 in the room after the boss.When the fight starts pull Moroes and one boss off your choice (Preferably the lady at the far left) and kill the mini-bosses off.Do not get Moroes to 60% before at least 2 of the mini-bosses are deadInterrupt the female mini-boss (CASTER) and dodge everything else the other bosses do. It was brought to my attention there is more than 1 female, treat both of them with care. INTERRUPTPull the bosses 1 by 1 and then kill Moroes at the end.When you are only fighting moroes, feel free to stack to aid the healer. Fourth Boss - Attuman - HorseTwo phases, Use cooldowns on the GUY and not the HORSE (Attuman is the guy / Midnight is the horse)( Intangible Presence ) Is placed on everyone, the healer has to dispel the correct ONE to remove them. ( The person to dispel will look like this LINK Thank WoWhead for the picture )When Boss spawns for the first time, Dodge Midnight charges (Midnight will charge through the boss position)Stack on the tank when ( Shared Suffering ) is being cast, then spread again.When Midnight phase returns, Dodge all the blue horses (You don't have to keep the boss in the middle of the circle)Rinse and repeat, when the boss dies Midnight becomes angry, still relatively easy just kill. Fifth Boss - Curator - (Big Mechanical Robot) - Purge Purge PurgeStack on the tank at one edge of the room.Kill add that spawns Immediately.Move out of the blue swirlies ( Power Discharge ).Stack again, Rinse and Repeat.When the boss has zero mana he will channel ( Evocation ) , Use bloodlust / potions/ cooldowns. Sixth Boss - Nightbane - ?????Yeah, he exists, Find out how to summon him yourself!!!Or you know, Click HERE. (WoWhead)TL;DR and Guide Seventh Boss - Shade of MedivhWill spam 3 abilities randomely throughout the fight.( Piercing Missiles ) Will damage and place a debuff on the tank. HIGH PRIORITY INTERRUPT( Inferno Bolt ) Mark a player with a circle that deals moderate damage to anyone within. I WOULDN'T INTERRUPT THIS( Frostbite ) Place a player in an ICE block, Remove this by damage the player with ( INFERNO BOLT ). MEDIUM to HIGH PRIORITY INTERRUPTSpread far enough that you don't get hit with each others fire, but close enough to remove ( Frostbite ) as needed.At full mana Medivh will cast one of three Abilities:( Ceaseless Winter ) Will place a stacking debuff, so Jump/Move to remove.( Flame Wreath ) Will place 2 rings on 2 random players, NO ONE SHOULD MOVE IN OUR OUT OF THESE RINGS.( Guardian's Image ) Medivh will dissapear and spawn 3 mirrors around the room, I recommend to kill them one by one.The boss will not stop casting the initial three abilities during ( Ceaseless Winter ) and ( Flame Wreath ) so adjust accordingly. Eighth Boss - Mana DevourerThe purpose of the fight is to kill the boss and not allow him to reach 100% mana( Arcane Bomb ) Move out/away from these. IMAGE - Courtesy of WOWHEAD( Coalesce Power ) Purple orbs will spawn, if they reach the boss he will gain mana. Players that soak these will gain a stacking debuff. IMAGE - Courtesy of WOWHEADPlayers need to stand in the path of these orbs to stop the boss reaching 100% mana. It is recomended to only stack 2-3 if you can't clear/immune these stacks. ( The stacks hurt A LOT, use a defensive, healthpotions... and reset quickly)Standing in ( Energy Void ) will clear these stacks. ( 1 tick removes 1 stack )( Energy Void ) Standing in this will damage you and make the void smaller. (Used to remove stacks of ( Unstable Mana ) IMAGE - Courtesy of WOWHEAD The END - iz'aduum the Watcher - Alien EyeDon't StackThe boss will cast ( Disintegrate ) , which is a big green lazer. He will turn to the player before it is cast so you have time to move. (MOVE OUT OF THIS).The boss will cast ( Chaotic Shadows ) , Which is a debuff (1 - 3 depending on which phase) when dispelled will release big balls in every direction. (Move out of these) IMAGE - Courtesy of WOWHEAD( Burning Blast ) - Places a debuff on the tank, INTERRUPT THIS (Make a rotation, if you don't have enough interrupts, interrupt 2 casts in a row every time the tank has 2 stacks so they fall off.)Move out of swirlesFollow the boss through the portals ( At 66% and 33% )There is lightning on the sides, don't walk over them... but if the boss is firing his lazers down the middle... it's better to use a cooldown/run down the side. (Electricity doesn't 1 shot)Rince / Repeat phase 1Follow the boss through portal #2Kill the adds and interrupt the boss before he finishes his cast (I found the adds extremely easy, but my group was 865 Average ilvl)3 Players will have the debuff that release orbs, Use a cooldown and be carefull not to eat the orbs up.WORK IN PROGRESS