Guild News clogged by 835-850 epics, please let us raise the ilvl that shows on news feed.

Title says it all, my guild news is just constantly clogged with garbage 835-845 epics people get from WQ's and regular mythics. I find myself scrolling through so much garbage to see if anyone got a legendary, please raise it to at least 850, if not 860. It should be rare to get an item good enough to show up on the news feed, not literally every single piece of gear you get.I also think that way too many legendaries drop now (especially after the patch), I remember back when if you saw a person with Sulfras, or a Tfury they were literally the coolest dude on the Azeroth. Now it's like Opra is out there saying: You get a legendary and You get a legendary and everybody gets a legendary! it just makes me sad.Can i get an amen?