Class Campaign Mission Time severely reduced in 7.1

So I was doing my class campaign on my priest, having reached the Lumenstone questline that involves completing 5 12-hour missions, just like many other classes. I completed my first 24 hours ago and my second 12 hours ago. Now I started my third, after 7.1 hit, and the mission time has been reduced from 12 hours to 3 hours, essentially 1/4 of the original time.I'm not sure if this is intended, I'm not sure if this is for priest only, I cannot find ANYTHING about it in any patch notes, but nevertheless - this is great.Relevant information; This is not my first time doing these campaigns, so it might be alt catch-up implemented in 7.1 Can anyone else confirm their 12-hour missions being shortened?EDIT: The dream is real boys. All mission times have been significantly reduced! I wonder why Blizzard didn't mention it anywhere.