As a Starter Edition player, today I achieved something I am very proud of

I visited every single Candy Bucket in Eastern Kingdoms!So, I have been playing handicapped for a while. After getting level 20 I didn't stop playing, but completed every single quest this game could offer me. Also played through all sub-20 dungeons and tried PvP battlegrounds. Raised Orgrimmar reputation to Exalted. Completed dailies for achievements. Bought everything seemingly useful I could find in reach of my limited 10 gold possessions. Still didn't grow tired of the game. Still kept coming back if only for dailies.Hallow's End gave me plenty of things to do, but I tuned in kinda late. I felt compelled to get Grommash' costume (he is my favourite Warcraft character) and so I begun doing dailies and visiting Candy Buckets everywhere I could. Afraid that dailies just won't cut it, I was still about 50 treats short, I started my journey around the continent, reaching to the most dangerous places of Azeroth. I died a lot, especially in Badlands (screw this place!), kept running for my corpse and eventually reached the safety pods. The last bucket was in Bogglepad, Swamp of Sorrows. Treats from here were just enough to get me to 200. I immideately sprinted to Undercity to buy and object of my desires. I was so pumped when I used this item.It's probably nothing for the most of you, but I still felt like sharing it with someone.