Request: Can Blizzard put Patch Notes back in the Launcher please?

I'm not sure why they stopped doing this, but they haven't updated the patch notes you can view in the launcher since the prepatch.This is a big problem, we should have OFFICIAL (not relying on some 3rd party website BLIZZARD!) patch notes for the game we pay to play, how hard is it to supply us those?They used to do this, but suddenly stopped it seems. To use today's patch notes as a example, people are confused on if certain buffs or nerfs went through with their updated changes from a few days ago, and now things are conflicting because we are also relying on 3rd party websites and can be misleading (IE MMO-Champion's way they posted it can be misread very easily).Blizzard, It's time you start giving us official patch notes again, I don't care if it's one line, I want to see what you're changing & I'm sure a lot of other people do too.EDIT: It has been pointed out that these are hotfixes, and not proper patches like Blizzard does. So in that vain, I still think these "hotfixes" should be posted up in the launcher, they are changing class balance which people need to know about, and what about bugs that get fixed? How would people know if they are fixed when the fix was a "hotfix? Use a 3rd party site? What if someone used a site like Noxxic which Blizzard in the past has stated supplies wrong information? (I know this example doesn't apply to this case, but it helps get my point across).