Protection Paladin Block Chance Is Bugged

No, your survivability isn't as bad as you thought. No, spamming cooldowns like you're playing Beethoven's 5th against trash just to stay alive is NOT normal. You're not alone.Many prot pallies (myself included) are blocking significantly fewer attacks than they should be (especially melee ones). I, personally, should be blocking 45% of melee attacks (20% base and 25% from mastery). I tested my block chance against withered shamblers for 600 attacks (being sure to face them at all times) and blocked 12% of the hits. Just over 1/4 of what I should be.If this is happening to you or you want something to be done, please raise awareness and report it. As of right now, there has been no comment from Blizzard of any kind. Thank you for your time.Edit: 45% block chance is evidently way off as the comments have mentioned. The 25% increased block chance from mastery is multiplicative, not additive. So my stats should be coming out to 25% block chance and I'm not even getting half that against level 110 mobs. Thank you for the clarification. And also thank you stranger for my first ever gold!Edit 2: Here's a link to the bug report thread on the forums: 3: Evidently the 25% mastery is already factored into the block chance (20% for my example), but the logs always show a % of blocked attacks that's significantly lower than the block chance in the tooltip.