Destiny Unfulfilled makes me want to throw Xe'ra in a dumpster

Excuse me, I need to be redeemed for fighting Illidan? The guy whose armies were enslaving, torturing, and killing people across Outland? Oh sorry, he was working against the Legion and had secret plans for taking over their gateway system or whatever, my bad. I guess that excuses the atrocities the Illidari committed. Oh, and no comment from Xe'ra about how the assault on the black temple was being led in part by the naaru. So was hatred corrupting A'dal's mind too, you pretentious windchime?I was initially excited that Illidan was going to be redeemed and given a second chance, but the way they're building up this "child of destiny" trope makes me want to gag. He apparently gets a free pass for doing awful shit because "fate" decided he would become our savior before he was even born. His choices along the way are irrelevant, since prophecy will have him trip facefirst into being our only hope anyway. I really don't like robbing characters of agency and consequences like this.