When the portal to mythic cenarius doesn't spawn


If we won't use our artifacts after Legion, we should get their appearances in our transmog tab

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Val'sharah is the best, so I doodled a Dryad


Got into the Wood of Staves on my blood elf. Forgot that I can't read Pandaren.


1647 fishing casts and several movies later I have my favorite artifact skin


PUG Simulator 2016


Unique drawing of Azeroth!


The Biggest Lie of the Legion Expansion


Warcraft Lore Part 1: The Rise and Fall of the Pantheon


I do this on every character


may not be cool to some, but my guild killed normal xavius tonight!


That boy ain't quite right...


We can't wait six months for a ban wave this time.

In the past, botting has been annoying, but it has served to keep prices low and never impacted legitimate farmers. However, the change to herb node functionality has severely limited supply and now the botters are actively harming the economy. When herb nodes were first come, first served, they would simply respawn faster so there were always a certain quantity up in a zone at any time. Unless you were actively following another farmer, you could always find active nodes. If you saw someone else, you simply altered your path. Now, the best way to do it is to follow others in a group and everyone grabs their herb before it times out. Still, not really a big problem. in fact, it's generally helpful to herbalists because it means the supply is generally fixed and prices stay higher for the time invested. Not the greatest for non-herbalists, but supply and demand evens out expectations in the end.Until some people can fly and you can't.Now, they are the only ones who can get to nodes in time and you get nothing. I made three full circuits of Stormheim this morning at off-peak hours and literally found more botters in the sky than nodes on the ground.Now, with a relatively fixed supply, the cheaters are the only ones with access to the resource that everyone needs. They're not reducing the price for the consumer as has always been the case in the past. Instead they are just the only ones selling herbs. Flasks, pots, and herbs are all still priced dearly and legitimate gatherers are just wasting their time.We can't wait months on end for this to stop. These people are soaking up all the gold in the economy right now and there is no benefit to legitimate players. At least in the past we could live with them making things affordable and there weren't as many doing it since the risk/reward was so low at 3-5g per herb.But now these people are making 50k/hr on high pop servers. 12+hrs/day. That's 4,000,000+ in a week. And that's not gold that's being generated magically by them through quests and vendor trash. That's gold leaving the pockets of legit players and funneling into the pockets of cheaters. We're talking about billions of gold flowing the wrong way and ruining the experience for legitimate gatherers at the same time.Not only that, the risk is absolutely minimal. A single account now includes a free 100 boost, which is enough to let you gather anything but Starlight Rose since the zones scale, and you can make a separate account over and over again if you get caught, which isn't even happening right now anyway.Either ban these people or change herb nodes back the way they used to be so prices come down, I honestly don't care which it is, but right now the only way to make any gold on herbs is to do so illicitly. It's so lucrative that several people I know who would never cheat at a freaking video game (even including myself at this point) are looking into how it's done, and that might be the most depressing part of it all.Inaction is causing otherwise good people to consider a life of crime, and that's just intolerable. Of all the things that need to be fixed balance and tuning-wise, I have always been able to look at Blizzard's side and understand how impactful changes like that are and how interconnected they are and therefore must take time.But removing cheaters? That should be priority one.

Here is my fight refresher/copypasta for N Emerald Nightmare pugs, so you can say something besides "evry1 no fites? k."


Outlaw Rogue hidden appearance has been found (Spoilers) Credit goes to Ixzo


An iconic Death Knight class fantasy moment... or it would have been.


I thought this was funny.


I love Blizzard because they always seem to know what I really need.


Apparently, I'm an moron and a looser.


Protection Paladin Block Chance Is Bugged

No, your survivability isn't as bad as you thought. No, spamming cooldowns like you're playing Beethoven's 5th against trash just to stay alive is NOT normal. You're not alone.Many prot pallies (myself included) are blocking significantly fewer attacks than they should be (especially melee ones). I, personally, should be blocking 45% of melee attacks (20% base and 25% from mastery). I tested my block chance against withered shamblers for 600 attacks (being sure to face them at all times) and blocked 12% of the hits. Just over 1/4 of what I should be.If this is happening to you or you want something to be done, please raise awareness and report it. As of right now, there has been no comment from Blizzard of any kind. Thank you for your time.Edit: 45% block chance is evidently way off as the comments have mentioned. The 25% increased block chance from mastery is multiplicative, not additive. So my stats should be coming out to 25% block chance and I'm not even getting half that against level 110 mobs. Thank you for the clarification. And also thank you stranger for my first ever gold!Edit 2: Here's a link to the bug report thread on the forums: http://ift.tt/2dePHq1 3: Evidently the 25% mastery is already factored into the block chance (20% for my example), but the logs always show a % of blocked attacks that's significantly lower than the block chance in the tooltip.

Roses are red, and sometimes they're white. And when I'm in Suramar...

...Somethings not quite right

Day 2 Hotfix Logs Showing Slightly Different Story


Something's not quite right...


How I feel as an herbalist


Maybe the common people of Suramar would have enough Arcwine if we weren't constantly stealing it out of their homes.

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A Starlight rose node bugged out and acted as a trap for botters.


Reducing rage generation on Prot Warriors is the absolute worst way of nerfing I have ever experienced

Just rip my Ignore Pain to pieces already! I really couldn't care less, instead you nerf everything around it, BUT THE ACTUAL PROBLEM. It's such an awful way to go about. Prot already had frustrating issues with rage generation, now it is a slow pile of devastate spamming trash.If a car is too fast you slow down the engine you don't remove the wheelsEdit: Before you comment "But warrior tanks are still good stop crying", I am saying they SHOULD BE NERFED, Ignore pain is too strong. But this is a BAD WAY of nerfing them.

Feral Hidden Artifact Skin found!


Shots fired by Method GM Sco after 7/7 Mythic


I climbed to the top of Black Rook Hold and it reminded me of some things Yogg-Saron said.


Way too many toys are zone specific, and have ridiculously long cooldowns.

For example, the Blazing Diamond Pendant. All it does is set your feet on fire, similar to Deceptia's Smoldering Boots. However it can only be used in Draenor, outside of your Garrison. There are also these consumable type toys that act as food or a really weak healing potion, one such item can only be used in Talador. Seems like the only thing it is good for is for achievements. I feel like they should take a look at the zone requirements and cooldown times for many toys.

Blizzard, loving Legion, could you give MoP raids the Valithria treatment and make Bosses skipable which aren't soloable?

Title.Basically, you can not solo SOO. Galakras' troops will one shot you if you try to cross the line and Galakras itself is not possible without a 2nd player firing a 2nd cannon. Can we get a Valithria thing where we can skip it? Doesn't drop any noteworthy pets or mounts but I'd love to farm Korvok and Blackfuse's pet.Thanks a bunch, continue making WoW great again with Legion

9 gold for losing a BG, 147 Order Resources for winning; what's the point of this?

How does Blizzard legitimately think this makes any sort of sense?I lose a BG, I get 9 gold and 25 Artifact Power. 9 gold at level 110. What?I win a BG, I get 200 Artifact Power and 147 Order Resources from a blue box. Yes, that's literally what I got from the box. Nothing else. Not even a Mark of Honor for old gear.How is this acceptable in any way?

Is this just me or has Legion really gotten you "addicted" to WoW again?

I played Wrath of the Lich King like mad back in 2009, but once Cataclysn got released I just didn't really enjoy the game. MoP was the same way and I quit 1 week into the expansion. For WoD I got to level 100 and was bored immediatly after.Legion however, does not have this problem. I'm having the time of my life, it's fun as hell and I love all the changes and lore interaction that it's giving me.The sole problem however, I'm addicted. This whole "Emerald Nightmare releases now!" Makes me play the whole day. Mythic + are open, now I gotta do all of those and it essentially forces me to go hard in order to stay at the top.Now, since Legion already is as time consuming as it is, does anyone else have this issue? That you're having so much fun that you literally forget about the time?Any advice to counteract this?

Really liking the profession mount for Herbalists.


This douchebag doesn't care if something is quite right...


I think I found the strongest NPC in the entire game


Destiny Unfulfilled makes me want to throw Xe'ra in a dumpster

Excuse me, I need to be redeemed for fighting Illidan? The guy whose armies were enslaving, torturing, and killing people across Outland? Oh sorry, he was working against the Legion and had secret plans for taking over their gateway system or whatever, my bad. I guess that excuses the atrocities the Illidari committed. Oh, and no comment from Xe'ra about how the assault on the black temple was being led in part by the naaru. So was hatred corrupting A'dal's mind too, you pretentious windchime?I was initially excited that Illidan was going to be redeemed and given a second chance, but the way they're building up this "child of destiny" trope makes me want to gag. He apparently gets a free pass for doing awful shit because "fate" decided he would become our savior before he was even born. His choices along the way are irrelevant, since prophecy will have him trip facefirst into being our only hope anyway. I really don't like robbing characters of agency and consequences like this.

Rant - if I come and help you with an elite because I see you struggling, do not run away the second I get aggro

Yeah, pretty much the title. And I know it's not the biggest issue in the world but damn, I feel like I don't want to help anyone after I encounter such people :(

Screenshot I touched up for use as my desktop - "The Nightmare"


Good lord Blizzard, just put it out of it's misery. What are you feeding this thing??


Female gnomes have bigger weapon sizes than female blood elves.

http://ift.tt/2da7dMg blizzard ;_; Ashbringer looks like a one hander.Edit: Lots of people are saying they play blood elves because the weapons are small. Then can Horde at least get another paladin race? Blood elves are too small and Tauren are too big. Where are my pandaren paladins? They have priests and they've been around the Alliance and Horde long enough to know what Paladins are. If Blizzard can shoehorn in Tauren paladin lore that they never use again after cata then they can do it for another race. There are Tauren paladins worshiping The Light instead of An'she in the paladin order hall for fucks sake.

Today's LFR in a nutshell


Exorsus gets World First Xavius!


Warcraftlogs Heroic EN updated spec scores


Vault of The Wardens: Kirin Tor World Quest Startup Sequence Guide/Help/Puzzle solution


Blizzard: Can you just remove Brewmaster from the game instead of stringing us along?

Blizzard please, for the 200 or so of us who still actually attempt to play Brewmaster Monk, could you throw is a frigging bone or something?We're the most difficult to play tank spec in the game by a considerable margin and also mathematically the weakest by a considerable margin. This is a deadly combo that will quickly lead to the extinction of Brewmasters on two fronts: one, because no one wants to play like a goddamn fighter pilot to be less effective than a Warrior who knows how to press the "Ignore Pain" button, and two, because people will stop playing a spec if they can't get accepted into groups or serious raid guilds due to the spec being broken.Think I'm exaggerating? Brewmaster is 3% of the tank parsing on Heroic Emerald Nightmare right now. For each single Brewmaster there's like 12 Prot Warriors alone. How did we get to this dark place, Blizzard? It baffles me that you would remove Guard because "tanks getting an absorption shield is bad mechanic design" and then turn right around and give Warriors an ultimate Super-Guard that shields for way more than Guard ever did but with no cooldown to it.Personal vengeance aside, it is criminal to me that there were no buffs to Brewmaster in the recent balance tuning, nor are any being considered in the future. The 7.1 PTR changes right now have nothing for Brewmaster Monk except Crackling Jade Lightning having a energy cost added to it. Because that's what we need right, a nerf?Blizzard, if your intention is for Brewmaster to not exist anymore you have much more direct methods available to you. You could just remove us from the game entirely and replace us with something else, like how you removed Discipline Priests and replaced them with Chloromancers. If this is what you are trying to do you should at least tell us and I will abandon my character altogether.However, if your intention is NOT for Brewmaster to disappear from the game, then you need to buff us. You need to buff us a lot. What to buff, you might ask? Go read the Monk forums on your own website, there are tons of legitimate non-angry constructive suggestions across multiple hundred-page threads such as making Stagger tick slower, increasing brew recharge, making Elusive Brawler baseline, etc.Please, Blizzard, I love this spec, I love the playstyle and theme, but right now I'm pretty much only allowed to play Windwalker / Mistweaver because people will NOT accept a Brewmaster into Mythic+ keystone runs and I don't blame them. I swear, I will get on my hands and knees and BEG for buffs to my beloved spec if that's what needs to happen here. But love for a theme and play-style can only carry me through so many dark places, and if something doesn't happen soon, I'm rerolling Prot Warrior, as the vast majority of former-Brewmasters already have.

Mythics are getting more difficult apparently

Last week you only needed to be 830 to get in a group, this week you need to be 850.Blizzard needs to quit screwing with the difficulty.

This is all I want in a class Blizzard! You are such a tease...


The 2nd artifact skin for the Fury Warrior is a dragon breathing fire. Been playing the class since launch and never noticed until now.