"Potato" appearing in chat?

Hey all, So I posted this over at TukUI but they reported that it's not coming from ElvUI so I'm wondering if anyone here can help?So basically this morning I went afk for a moment while in game and when I came back the word "potato" was in chat, not as a whisper or anything... It literally just said "potato" in yellow writing.I'm just concerned due to remembering reading a post a while ago that some addon was leaving a "backdoor" in their addon so the devs were able to send messages and generally just do malicious stuff so I'm just trying to figure out where it came from.Screenshot of the text: http://ift.tt/2aJrHJ5 for any help guys!Edit: How did I not see this happening? >.>Edit 2: Yup it was the alarm for my baked potato that I cooked 2 days ago and clearly forgot to disable haha