My experience as a new healer in WoW

there are some very good tanks in wow, but as a healer a tank can really make you suffer. sometimes all i want to say to the tank is: hi tank can you plz not rush to the next stack of mobs while you are with 1/3 hp, while leaving my range/line of sight, while im casting a long cast heal on you? :|oh and while you are at it , plz wait for the healer that spends like an extra 20 seconds healing you an the team after the big fight, to loot the boss as well, he also deserves loot. :| tldr; stop rushing as a tank. no one is chasing you. it will only lead to everyone deaths and a reset of some fights. Edit: I've been experiencing this issue a lot at Timewalking dungeons as lvl 100. people just underestimate the dungeon because its low level and die.