As a starter edition player, today I did something I'm really proud of

I've been playing WoW a lot lately, trying out different races and classes to see what I would want to level if I ever decide to resubscribe. The third character I rolled was a Worgen Survival Hunter named Opheliah, and she's been one of the most fun characters to me so far.I was looking through Petopia for different rare pets I could tame with her, and I realized that with the Legion pre-patch, Kodos are now tameable.As I have another character who is a Tauren Sunwalker Paladin, I figured the safest place to hunt for Kodos would be in Mulgore, since it would be filled mostly with low level players and easy mobs.The journey to Mulgore was a long one. Opheliah had never ventured past the reaches of Darkshore, so it took about 30 minutes to make my way to the High Road in the Stonetalon Mountains, doing my best to avoid any mobs along the way. The High Road was guarded by a cadre of beefy Tauren, who killed Opheliah twice before I finally found a way around them.Once I finally entered Mulgore I felt much safer from mobs, but the threat of wandering high level Horde players made me very anxious. I gave Thunder Bluff a wide berth.The first thing I did was find a Kodo Matriarch and tamed her. She became my constant companion and guide in Mulgore, and I kept her out at all times in the hopes that any Horde players who noticed my presence would understand that my mission was a peaceful one.Unfortunately, as I was researching where to find a particular Kodo named Arra'chea, I was inundated with some mixed information about her spawning location. Some sites said she traveled around east of Thunder Bluff, while others claimed she roamed the lands south of Bloodhoof Village.I spent around two hours traipsing back and forth between the two locations. I tried tracing her steps; clockwise, counterclockwise, often sitting in one spot and just hoping she'd walk by. During that time I was killed twice more by marauding Horde players, but also left alone by at least one kind Hordie who seemed to understand that I meant Mulgore no harm.I was losing hope of ever finding Arra'chea, when I decided to take another trip around the Winterhoof Water Well on foot. It was then that I finally came face to face with my prize.I immediately dismissed my Kodo Matriarch, Maitriya, and transformed into my Worgen form to tame her. She resisted at first, attempting to harm me. But soon my feelings of love were able to break through her tough, scaled hide and convinced her to join me on my travels.Once I had tamed this majestic creature, I hearthed back home to Darnassus and gave Opheliah some much needed rest.This whole adventure was a ton of fun, and I'm really glad that even as a f2p character I was able to accomplish such a thing. It made me so proud to get all of this done as just a lowly level 20, and I can't wait to resubscribe so that Opheliah and Arra'chea can continue on their adventures together.Thanks for reading! Have an album!