[cosplay] Just finished my Shadoweave Robe for BlizzCon!


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Get Ready for Demon Hunters


This is what greeted me when I logged in after a 6 month hiatus


"Potato" appearing in chat?

Hey all, So I posted this over at TukUI but they reported that it's not coming from ElvUI so I'm wondering if anyone here can help?So basically this morning I went afk for a moment while in game and when I came back the word "potato" was in chat, not as a whisper or anything... It literally just said "potato" in yellow writing.I'm just concerned due to remembering reading a post a while ago that some addon was leaving a "backdoor" in their addon so the devs were able to send messages and generally just do malicious stuff so I'm just trying to figure out where it came from.Screenshot of the text: http://ift.tt/2aJrHJ5 for any help guys!Edit: How did I not see this happening? >.>Edit 2: Yup it was the alarm for my baked potato that I cooked 2 days ago and clearly forgot to disable haha

[NEW VIDEO] World of Warcraft: Legion - The Second Coming (Chinese Trailer)


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Well, that escalated quickly.


The heirloom for hunters look silly on gnomes


Doing BGs is draining my will to live


Why can you see Azeroth in the Black Temple?


Banshee model update


As a starter edition player, today I did something I'm really proud of

I've been playing WoW a lot lately, trying out different races and classes to see what I would want to level if I ever decide to resubscribe. The third character I rolled was a Worgen Survival Hunter named Opheliah, and she's been one of the most fun characters to me so far.I was looking through Petopia for different rare pets I could tame with her, and I realized that with the Legion pre-patch, Kodos are now tameable.As I have another character who is a Tauren Sunwalker Paladin, I figured the safest place to hunt for Kodos would be in Mulgore, since it would be filled mostly with low level players and easy mobs.The journey to Mulgore was a long one. Opheliah had never ventured past the reaches of Darkshore, so it took about 30 minutes to make my way to the High Road in the Stonetalon Mountains, doing my best to avoid any mobs along the way. The High Road was guarded by a cadre of beefy Tauren, who killed Opheliah twice before I finally found a way around them.Once I finally entered Mulgore I felt much safer from mobs, but the threat of wandering high level Horde players made me very anxious. I gave Thunder Bluff a wide berth.The first thing I did was find a Kodo Matriarch and tamed her. She became my constant companion and guide in Mulgore, and I kept her out at all times in the hopes that any Horde players who noticed my presence would understand that my mission was a peaceful one.Unfortunately, as I was researching where to find a particular Kodo named Arra'chea, I was inundated with some mixed information about her spawning location. Some sites said she traveled around east of Thunder Bluff, while others claimed she roamed the lands south of Bloodhoof Village.I spent around two hours traipsing back and forth between the two locations. I tried tracing her steps; clockwise, counterclockwise, often sitting in one spot and just hoping she'd walk by. During that time I was killed twice more by marauding Horde players, but also left alone by at least one kind Hordie who seemed to understand that I meant Mulgore no harm.I was losing hope of ever finding Arra'chea, when I decided to take another trip around the Winterhoof Water Well on foot. It was then that I finally came face to face with my prize.I immediately dismissed my Kodo Matriarch, Maitriya, and transformed into my Worgen form to tame her. She resisted at first, attempting to harm me. But soon my feelings of love were able to break through her tough, scaled hide and convinced her to join me on my travels.Once I had tamed this majestic creature, I hearthed back home to Darnassus and gave Opheliah some much needed rest.This whole adventure was a ton of fun, and I'm really glad that even as a f2p character I was able to accomplish such a thing. It made me so proud to get all of this done as just a lowly level 20, and I can't wait to resubscribe so that Opheliah and Arra'chea can continue on their adventures together.Thanks for reading! Have an album!

Gul'dan has his village's Elder shaman from the Harbingers series skull on his back. Damn.


Blizzard (Cleverly) reused some assets in the new Lion's Rest in Stormwind.


And of course absentee GM!


Just Had an Awesome Experience as a New Player

I just started playing a couple of days ago to give myself some time to catch up before Legion. I started as a Protector Paladin for the Horde. However, like a noob, I sold my shield before I decided to become a protector. I then went into the chat and asked if anyone could show me where to buy a new shield because they're all expensive as hell at the Auction House. I then had a guy open up a portal for me into undercity, gave me 3,000 gold and helped me pick out some really great gear including two heirlooms that help with exp gain. He then ported me to Shrine so I could make it my home and make use of the portals there. That experience alone makes me want to keep playing so that maybe I can help someone else out who was I'm my situation.

WoW is full of some very interesting people.


FYI, you can now skip the first 6 bosses of Ulduar and just kill the Keepers and Yogg.

Today I found out that if you click on the transporter pad before starting the Flame Leviathan event, you can now select 'Ulduar Tram' as the (only) destination, and that will take you in to Mimiron's area. You can then take the tram to him, kill him, then port back from Spark of Imagination to the Tram area. From there you can simply walk out into the main area of Ulduar, deal with the rest of the Keepers and Auriaya, and kill Yogg. You get 0 lights in the Darkness, etc as normal, however you cannot access the first 6 bosses without either porting out or dying.For people farming Val'anyr, this isn't so useful, but for those farming Mimiron's Head off of Yogg, this should save some time.

I guess we'll just keep quiet about this one then eh?


Warcraft Movie Locations (my theory)


[Transmog] Troll problems


WoW is the most realistic fantasy game I've played.


Was looking around on the new WoW website and went into the talent calculator. Apparently it has been updated with new "minimalistic" class icons.


With all the wonderful model updates, what about these guys? They could even use their new Pandaria models.




I'm unsure if this is for everyone, but all my max level characters that previously did not unlock the cataclysm portals to the different zones have them unlocked as of the prepatch.

If this is the case, then rejoice! For you don't have to do the very long opening quest to unlock Twilight Highlands portal! :D

Pandaren can communicate cross-faction.


New in Patch 7.0.3 - Demonology Warlocks can now become Reddit moderators


It's not a matter of where it grips it! (The best thing I've seen on beta so far)


DK's Night Out


Blizzard, for everyone's sanity, please change the Dire Beast whistle sound

I just did my first bit of group content today with my new Gnome Hunter and the whistle sound for Dire Beast is just too much. Dire Beast has a base 12 second cooldown with a 20% (35% if talented) chance to reset on auto-attacks, meaning at best you hear that sound every 12 seconds but more realistically it'll be far more often than that. I had a moment just earlier where I got off three Dire Beast in short order and it's enough to make your ears want to bleed. It's simply put too distinct of a sound for an ability that is used so often.What's worse is that it makes me not want to press the button, even though I have to because it's a core ability that you have to use if you want to do acceptable damage. But now I don't want to press it because I don't want to ruin other people's enjoyment of the game, and that's just screwed up.There are addons you can use and other methods to mute the sound, but this of course only helps yourself. You'll still be an annoyance to everyone else, and people get kicked out of groups for less.

(x-post /r/hiddenwow) Nostalgia from beta & vanilla - world first Nefarian kill.


Blood Elf vs Human weapon size accurately represented in the garrison


4chan considers Arthas


So that's neat.


Me too, little sign. Me too.


There must always be a Magni


Dalaran Burns Screenshot


I was looking for Nok karosh group but instead i found this


Medivh wallpaper clipped from the (other) new Karazhan Trailer


Crazy how moving the camera a few feet across can entirely refresh a zone for me.


Duncan Jones: " For those asking, no extended cut, that Im aware of. Lots of extra scenes on DVD though. There will be no directors cut. Just not possible."


Poll Results: Most/Least Enjoyable classes and specs of the Pre-Patch

FOR RAW DATA, CLICK HERE: MOST ENJOYABLE | LEAST ENJOYABLE | ALL RAW DATA SPREADSHEETEdit: Added % Favorite as a column in the spreadsheet, to show what percentage of players who voted for a spec chose it as their favoriteI ran a casual poll ( link is here, will update at 1000 responses ) yesterday to get a general idea of how the community feels about the current Classes/Specs in the Pre-Patch, so here are the results of that poll.Methodology: Participants answered 2 questions which asked their opinion on the MOST Enjoyable Spec and LEAST Enjoyable Spec in the current Pre-Patch; all class/spec options were listed for each question.Analyses were completed in 3 ways: A rank-order view of all votes for MOST Enjoyable, a rank-order view of all votes for LEAST Enjoyable, and then a rank-order view of the Net Enjoyability score (number of votes for Most enjoyable – number of votes for Least enjoyable = Net enjoyability).Top 5 “Most Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the most votes for Most Enjoyable):UnholyWindwalkerFury Updated: FireEnhancement Updated: FuryFire Updated: EnhancementTop 5 Net “Most Enjoyable” Specs (Most Enjoyable votes minus Least Enjoyable votes):UnholyFireWindwalkerFuryEnhancementBottom 5 “Most Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the fewest votes for Most Enjoyable):Holy (Paladin)DestructionProtection (Paladin)BrewmasterRestoration (Shaman)Bottom 5 Net “Most Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the most negative Net score):Retribution (by a LOT)MarksmanshipBeast MasteryDestructionArms Updated: DisciplineTop 5 “Least Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the most votes for Least Enjoyable):RetributionMarksmanshipBeast MasteryArms Updated: DestructionDestruction Updated: ArmsBottom 5 “Least Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the fewest votes for Least Enjoyable):GuardianWindwalkerFireSubtletyHoly (Paladin)Top 3 Net “Most Enjoyable” Classes:Death KnightMonkRogueBottom 3 Net “Most Enjoyable” Classes:Paladin (by a LOT)HunterWarlockTop 5 Classes in terms of total vote frequency (whether good or bad):HunterPaladinDeath KnightWarriorMageWorst of the Worst:Retribution had significantly more votes for “Least Enjoyable” than any other spec. Paladins in general had the lowest class enjoyability, largely due to Ret – but all 3 specs had a negative Net score (meaning more votes for Least Enjoyable than votes for Most Enjoyable).Warlocks and Hunters were the only other classes with an overall negative Net score when combining the scores of all 3 specs, although Survival actually had a small positive Net score on its own. Destruction and Marksmanship were the lowest rated specs for Warlocks and Hunters, respectively.Interestingly, Hunters received the most votes overall and had 2 specs in the bottom 5.Best of the Best:Unholy Death Knights stood out with the most votes for Most Enjoyable and the highest Net score of any spec. Death Knights, as a class, also had the highest Net score, but it was largely due to Unholy’s popularity since Blood and Frost (DK) both only had small positive net scores.Windwalkers, and Monks in general, came in second for Raw and Net scores, but the class success was due entirely to Windwalker as Mistweaver was entirely neutral and Brewmaster was pretty negative.Finally, Fury came in 3rd for specs, while Rogues came in 3rd for classes (with all 3 specs receiving positive Net totals, Outlaw > Assassination > Subtlety)Love or Hate:These guys ended up with neutral/almost-neutral Net scores, meaning they received about the same amount of votes for Most Enjoyable as they did for Least Enjoyable – implying players are divided pretty clearly.Neutral specs – Mistweaver, Holy (Priest), SubtletyNeutral Classes – Priest, Druid (you could say the Druid scores were quite… balanced)Edited to Add Rank Order in terms of Percentages:In terms of how many votes were positive/negative as a percentage, here are the rankings:Fire at 91.18%Windwalker at 89.86%Fury at 87.14%Enhancement at 86.44%Unholy at 83.87%And the bottom 5:Destruction at 8.82%Retribution at 11.72%Holy (Paladin) at 12.5%Discipline at 21.88%Arcane at 22.58%FOR RAW DATA, CLICK HERE: MOST ENJOYABLE | LEAST ENJOYABLE | ALL RAW DATA SPREADSHEETDisclaimer: This survey is limited to the perceptions of classes/specs during pre-patch; it is important to remember that the class changes were not designed or balanced for lvl 100 WoD, but rather lvl 110 in Legion with Artifacts. Right now, without artifacts, all classes are effectively incomplete. Remember that some classes rely more heavily on their artifacts than others, Balance Druid for example. This analysis is not intended to predict class balance or enjoyability in Legion.Potential Methodology Flaws: I wanted to include this section to address some concerns in the methodology. First, because many players tend to only have 1 or 2 characters at max level to test, some responses will naturally be more biased/limited than others. Second, while the sample size is actually quite decent for a casual survey like this, it is very small compared to the greater WoW playerbase and so is likely not representative of the community at large. Finally, as mentioned in the disclaimer, this survey specifically looks at the content as we have it right now - meaning we are missing important components, like artifact weapons and lvl 110.

Demon hunters live augusth 9th

Said on streamInvasions too!Thanks /u/TosyV1 for link

7.0 Warlocks in nutshell


The new Khadgar video is so well done, some of the details are really worth appreciating

Let's be honest, Blizzard isn't known for their great writing. As visually impressive and dramatic as the cinematics they put out are, once you watch them two or three times you start to go "Ehhh.." at the dialogue and narrative for being a little heavy on the clich├ęs.But the new harbingers video was just so so well put together and written that I really feel the need to go through and discuss some of the details in it because it's just so good, damn it!0:12 - Straight away this is a great establishing shot, it copies the Legion trailer and Khadgar flying out from the storm gives the sense of urgency of the situation, as if the Legion is literally on his heels.0:18 - You could say this is bad ambiguity, but I like how "Stronger, more determined than ever before" could refer to the Legion, but also Khadgar himself. He's been through all this crap and he's not going to give up.0:30 - It's likely this is just a dramatic shot to ramp up the urgency, and there's nothing really there, but it's also possible this was the dreadlord's "essence" following Khadgar inside as he arrived, maybe?0:42 - You can just see the tip of a Raven's beak watching Khadgar here.1:12 - This line is so well done by Tony Amendola. It's realisation, but also he sounds sorrowful, likely because he feels bad that Medivh's spirit is essentially trapped, but also maybe he regrets not realising this possibility before and talking to Medivh sooner.1:17 - "Medivh" interrupts Khadgar here because he can't actually answer his questions, he's trying to shift the conversation in the direction of guardian-ness.On a related point - The dreadlord did an amazing job at not revealing his hand right away. I know some people have said they "saw it coming a mile off" but did you really? You probably suspected slowly throughout and the end just confirmed it. When "Medivh" initially begins pushing Khadgar, it's still not totally unreasonable for Medivh to be forceful about this. At this point I wasn't sure if Medivh was corrupt, or if he just genuinely believed what he was saying and was being zealous about it.1:47 - Medivh leads Khadgar over to the mirror because he is the weapon. Also the whole mirror thing is a trope of "building up" the character that's looking into it. Basically it's very effective at putting the spotlight on Khadgar.2:22 - Nothing really subtle going on here, just some very impressive shots. Especially Dalaran falling with the two in the bottom corner giving a sense of scale.2:38 - Khadgar seems to take up less space in the mirror in this shot, making him seem smaller. He's feeling powerless after what he just saw.3:00 - That book actually looks really tempting. The yellow light hides the whole demonic corruption really well and makes Medivh still seem credible. Also the book "winks" at 3:06.3:10 - This is where it clicks that something is definitely wrong with Medivh. He's literally a devil on Khadgar's shoulder whispering in his ear. But it's still not clear if Khadgar is going to accept this offer and eventually fall to corruption somewhere down the line.3:36 - Aaand this is where it becomes clear he isn't going to take the offer, the smile just shows it's a very bad idea.3:58 - Quite a few things here. Khadgar's dialogue here isn't as heavy handed as Blizzard has been in the past, he explains he can't take the power because he wants it so much, without blatantly explaining it. It wouldn't be unusual to Blizzard to have written this as something like "Oh I can't take this, I would be corrupted." props to them for not.Secondly, "Medivh's" face is priceless here as he's thrown by what's going on, and finally after Khadgar's eyes glow blue, Medivh's blue-ghosty aura dissapears. Either Khadgar dispelled the illusion, or the dreadlord realised Khadgar knew and was beginning to drop the act.I think the rest is pretty self explanatory in cool-ness, but you might not have noticed at 4:38 Khadgar's spell actually pierces the clouds which causes the opening for the sun to shine through at the end.Well that was a fun pointless ramble, I hope others appreciated the video as much as me, and feel free to point out anything I missed! Blizzard, please keep this quality up throughout Legion's plotEdit: Wow, obligatory thanks for the gold!

I painted an orc bust inspired by the Warcraft movie. thought you guys might like it!


My recent afterpatch PVP experience so far as non-healing class


So I found this lvl 110 guy at Deepholm and whenever I try to talk to him it says I need Legion