Just wanted to share an experience I had today while questing.

So, I finally got to level my shaman after getting Herald of the Titans on him. I just hit 84 and found a cool group of people to spam dungeons with, where we just chatted for a while. 4 of us were talking a bunch, having a good time, and we had this lock, Kethadon, who didnt really talk much, and we didnt notice until our 3rd dungeon run on Vortex Pinnacle. We tried bringing him into the conversation, but just said "I'm a quiet person," and prefered to stay quiet. We were alright with it and didn't push him.Then, we got to Altarius. The mount dropped, and all of us needed. The Warlock, the quiet one, won the roll, and we all congratulated him. After a couple minutes, he opened up a trade window with me, gave me the mount, and didnt say a word. Just traded the mount, and that was that. I thanked him a ton, and I just wanted to share this because its the first time in a while I've found a group of players who I had a ton of fun with while leveling, and someone who just chose to trade a mount when he didnt need too.