Does anyone else feel that they like the individual races on the Horde side better, but the "theme" and feel of the Alliance side better?

I'm really struggling to decide what race I wanna level with first in Legion, and herein lies my trouble. On the alliance side I only really play dwarves, humans, and night elves, and even the races kind of are"boring" in the sense that they're very typical high-fantasy. But on the horde I feel like the Trolls, Tauren, Forsaken, Blood elves(to an extent) are so unique(even if they are based on real world stereotypes).Yet whenever I play a horde race I miss that "fantasy" feel I get from the alliance. The alliance WoD experience is world's above Horde IMO, and I just think the architecture is a lot cooler than the Orc spikes horde have had the past 3 expansions. I wish there was a way to play Horde races on Alliance.