Why New Players Don't Care About the Lore

I started my Blood Elf alt today, and the opening narration has been updated to be post-TBC. It mainly talks about the Sunwell being purified now because of M'uru, and Kael being dead.The entire rest of the zone is set during the beginning of TBC where Kael is alive and the playable Blood Elves don't know he's crazy yet. The very first NPC talks about getting ready to go to Outland to meet up with him. Two seconds into the game, in the starting area for what is probably the most popular race, new players are already confused.That experience with the lore will only get worse and worse. While they're in Eversong and Ghostlands they'll be in TBC era. When they leave for Hillsbrad or wherever they end up, they'll suddenly be in Cataclysm and everything will be about Deathwing and this giant natural disaster that somehow nobody has mentioned to them until now. They will probably be introduced to Garrosh as the warchief through Cataclysm quests, but if they go to Orgrimmar they'll see Vol'jin and be confused again. Then they'll get to Outland and if they somehow haven't given up on knowing what's going on and actually want to do the quests, they'll see a billion references to THRALL being the warchief, and everything's about how Kael's not dead again. If you account for Legion in the mix there might even be ANOTHER warchief according to rumors.All of these things are fine if the new player has some friend telling them what time period they're in but the game makes no effort whatsoever to tell the player when they're being yanked around in the timeline.I agree that it's more important right now to fix the endgame to stop the bleeding as far as subs go, but the new player experience needs to be overhauled like REALLY soon.