Would leveling alts be more enjoyable if Heirlooms gradually changed their appearance during the leveling process?

One of the enjoyable aspects of leveling a character in an RPG is watching him "grow" and become more powerful. Part of this process includes his aesthetic changes as he changes from wearing lowly mundane looking gear which eventually gets traded out for more threatening and powerful looking gear. With heirlooms this part of the leveling process is non-existent.What would you think about having Heirlooms grows with your character? When a level 1 character dons an heirloom it could look like a slightly stronger version of normal level 1 gear. When he hits certain levels his gear will grow with him. I'm leveling an alt now and sometimes I want to just roll on pieces of armor because I'm tired of having largely the same appearance. Because some of the most visible pieces (Chest, helmet, shoulders and back) all have XP bonuses the cost of not equipping these heirloom pieces is rather high.I already hear a lot of people saying how they feel the leveling process is lacking in some areas. This might be a small change that could contribute something positive to the process.