Blizzard is keeping up with the memes

Even after all these years, I STILL catch myself having to backtrack for the valves.

Hidden transmog helmet in 7.1 for hunters

Before, If you talk to Death Hunter Moorgoth, he will tell you he likes Dark Ranger Velonara. If you buy 13 of the flowers he sells and give it to her, new dialogue will appear. Once you finished, go back to Moorgoth and tell him what she said.When I logged in today, Dark Ranger Velonara had a quest to give him her spare hood. When you turn in the quest, you can buy the hood from Moorgoth. It looks like the leather hood in legion, but its a deep black.Enjoy your new transmog piece!

My only issue with 7.1 so far.

7.1 Undocumented Changes

Have any undocumented changes you noticed?Flight map flight path icons have a darker border around them.In Suramar commons areas, detection circle graphic and actual detection range now match.Reported by others:Miscellaneous:Pressing "Z" or your sheath/unsheath hotkey may crash the clientCompanion app has been updated for Artifact Research? ( Whistle now triggers as a cinematic.Glider items that make you go faster no longer work in dungeons.You can solo Galakras in SoO now. You're able to shoot two shots with one cannon to take him down.Mount drops now get announced to guild chat the same way legendaries do.Withered J'im is now on the Unleashed Monstrosities achievement.Vault of the Wardens, changed the graphic of Cordana's Deepening Shadows to a dark, purple texture that is harder to see. It also spreads a LOT slower.Dalaran Hearthstone now sorts along with other hearthstonesWater on the minimap has been updated in many areasClass hall upgrade that completes a WQ no longer counts toward emissary quests.The Broken Isles loading screen is different now. Varian has two red swords now instead of a blue and a red sword.Transmog / AppearancePlayers can now hide their belt at the Transmogrificaction NPCs!Some weapons that disappeared when sheathing are now appearing.Weapon positioning on fist weapons have been improved.CombatYou can now use channeled artifact power items while moving.Stealth is now easier to detect. Possibly unintentional, recommend submitting bug report.TradeskillsCrafted equipment that is upgraded with obliterum now goes up to 8 instead of 7Crystal Vials from vendors now come as 20 in a stack as opposed to 5.Starlight Rose Dust was upgraded to a common quality itemCut gems can no longer be put in the reagent bank.There was a bug wherein Disturbed Podlings (chance to spawn when herbing in Draenor) did not drop loot for level 101+ characters. No more! It's been fixed.Glyph of the Blazing Savior works now.Underlight Angler (fishing artifact) trait "Way of the Flounder" now persists after you click your bobber.QuestsActive quests number tracker is back.At the end of your class campaign you only need to complete 20 world quest now instead of 30Rep gains for feeding the addicts in Shal'Aran now up to 75 from 50.Uniting the Isles - used to require you to get friendly with a bunch of different reps. Now, it doesn't. You just go talk to khadgar.Arcane sentries and mobs that can be activated/given ancient mana have had their costs reduced. The text does not reflect this, but it is shown in the confirmation window when you set it up.Selecting the emissary mission icon on the map changes the map to that zone.Warlock - AfflictionContagion is now 12%; was 15%.DruidTravel form is now the same speed as a mount.Cenarion Ward now removes shapeshift forms.Druid bat form once again makes bat noises.Druid order hall set is now a dress instead of chest + legs.Death KnightWraith Walk now usable when dead.Death Knight - UnholySludge Belcher no longer turns into Rotface/Festergut model.ShamanNow has Earthbind totem.Glyph of the Spectral Raptor now uses the newer raptor modelPriest - HolyThere's now a proc icon when Holy Fire resetsPriest - ShadowShadow form no longer affects mountsPaladin - HolyThe Silver Hand artifact has had a cosmetic change. The libram you get that straps to your side now won't be covered by big belts that have dangly bits.HunterAimed shot for MM Hunters nerfed ~5%Hunter - BMCan't use Essence Swapper to turn Hati into a Valkyr any more.MageMany teleport spells now have unique artMage - FireArtifact fireballs now change slightly based on artifact appearance.Fire Mages can now turn off the flame orb effect of Felo'melorn by talking to Archmage MelisWarrior"glyph of the blazing savior" is no longer bugged and can be inscribed on intercept for protection spec.PVPA lot of changes were made to pvp talents. You should open yours and review them all again.Warden towers were hot-fixed to give 300 honor again, and apparently the "other" pvp world quests (like the darkbrul arena) now reward 500 honor.Halloween Broom is no longer usable in rated BGsBattle Standards (both guild rep/honor bonus and the health increase one) are disabled in battlegrounds.Engineering items such as nitro boosts and the built in cloak glider, which were previously disabled in battlegrounds now function.Can no longer use flasks or gain benefits from food in random bgs.HunterThe sting pvp talent rows was changed New talent "Trailblazer" is 5% stronger than the notes sayMonk - MWCounteract magic used to heal for 150% extra when the target was afflicted by a magic dot, now it's 125%Zen focus (Honor talent) empowered the Thunder focus tea (which could be reseted with Rising thunder)... now it is another skill, "Zen focus tea"Surge of Mist is now on an 8 seconds cooldown, it was 6. (thanks to Specificscientific) This means that we can no longer reset the immunity to silences and interrupts.WarlockCasting Circle talent no longer grants immunity to silence/interrupt while you stand in it. It now reduces duration of silence/interrupt by 70%

Nice priest class hall buff

The body and soul 60% move speed that's usually 15 seconds when you first enter hall lasts 15 minutes now.

Seems blizzard delivered AK to the mobile app