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WoW has helped my brain

Earlier this year I cracked my skull open in two places and suffered two brain hemorrhages due to the violent blow. I became deaf on one ear and some reduced hearing on the other. Lost my balance and had to learn to walk again with a deatroyed semicircular canal. Lost alot of cognitive abilities aswell. Have had alot of "down time" and World of Warcraft been something to do while processing this shit show of a year. The gameing itself has also helped me alot with reganing some reaction time, cognitive reactions like prioritizing, avoiding mechanics and so on. In my 13 years of playing wow I never thought it would ever function as a kind of rehabilitation.So, today i finaly managed to complete the mage tower artifact challange for my outlaw rogue after countless atempts. Finaly managed to react to, and prioritize, the godamn imp shit storm and fucking got the skin. Im not fishing for pity, I just wanted to show how this game has helped me with my cognitive functions and that for some people its just not something to do when bored.Tldr: wow helped my damaged brain

How I feel doing world content as a healer


I made a little Ragnaros fan-art... Who knows, maybe he's just shy after all.


So... how do I get into Thunder Bluff? :(


I used to give out free guild tabards to new members, but now it seems they're BoP. Still have 5 in the old guild bank though, makes me sad I won't be able to do that anymore. :(


I want to show you guys something I did, hope you'll like it