No more.

I see only alliance vs horde posts in this sub,and because of that i've decided to draw the guy who started the war

Back in Cata my guild and I would get on our Priest alts and chain Life Grips to lift people miles into the air, and then drop them like a rock. This was honestly some of the most fun I had in Cata. (Most people liked it...)

So... there's this quest in Grizzly Hills...

...and it revolves around you finding a bunch of delicious seeds in an alliance town, and after eating them the guy in charge gets mad at you because they were an entire season's supply worth. So he forces you to undo what you've done.You must collect some plants in a river and make a serum out of them, then you must drink it in the outhouse and shit the seeds back out.Afterwards you hear the guy claiming that it wasn't the first time someone had done this, so that means that the first time you ate them was after someone else had already shit them out.Doing this quest made me realize something:I fucking hate being called "Hero" and "Champion". I hate having a garrison and leading an order hall. I just wanna be the guy who has to shit out the dumb seeds he ate without asking permission that were already shat out by the other dude.

Only been playing WOW two weeks and I just solo'd Utgarde Keep with my level 80 Holy Paladin!

People asking for hunter gun idle animation updates, you may have them.

The Draenei have gotten some serious care and attention this expansion. Remember when we all thought that wouldn't happen?

It was practically a meme after TBC that the Draenei had been botched and had been horribly implemented.Then came WoD, and while cool, we all thought that would be it for -our- Draenei.AND THEN BAM. ARGUS.They're avenging their homeworld, Velen is being a badass grampa, and they're showing off their awesome technology. And now the Army of the Light is joining the Alliance and hopefully bringing their warframes with them.If you told me this back in MoP, i would never have believed this. It's good to know you can be proven wrong sometimes.